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10 things to love about Lockeland Springs in East Nashville

1408 Lillian St

1408 Lillian St
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $599,900


This weekend, we’re hosting an open house at an impeccably beautiful Craftsman replica home in Lockeland Springs: 1408 Lillian Street, pictured above. Given Sunday’s date — Valentine’s Day and all — we decided to bring out a little bit of extra love.

Househunters who stop by 1408 Lillian on Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. can explore 2,562 square feet of exceptional new construction with classic design aesthetics, and enter to win a gift certificate from a place that’s more than easy to love: nearby restaurant Lockeland Table.

Thinking so much about Lockeland Springs and love, we felt like it might be fitting to point out just a few of the things we love about this community — and a few of the things the new homeowners at 1408 Lillian will have quick, walkable access to:

10 of our favorite things about Lockeland Springs



Five Points

This one’s obvious, even if you’re brand new to Nashville: 5 Points has been the beating heart of East Nashville for a while, and it keeps getting fuller and better. Fantastic fine dining at Margot, some of the city’s best pizza at Five Points Pizza, great coffee at Bongo Java and sushi at Batter’d & Fried, a rare independent neighborhood hardware store in Cumberland Hardware, and on and on. It’s one of the harder places to find parking in the area, but still one of the more fun places to go. (All the better if you live within walking distance.)



That there’s an actual Lockeland Springs

It’s not a quaint but meaningless name — the neighborhood does actually take its moniker from fresh water springs on the old Lockeland Mansion property, once bottled and sold and touted for its mineral-based health benefits. Local magazine The East Nashvillian has a great write-up on its history. Although you can’t buy the bottled water these days, the springs are still doing their thing at the three-acre Lockeland Springs Park.



1626 Ordway

The Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association’s annual Holiday Home Tour

One of the things people love about Lockeland Springs is the impressive span of beautiful historic homes (part of the reason why 1408 Lillian’s design is based on a classic Craftsman). And every year, owners of some of the neighborhood’s loveliest old homes invite visitors in to explore and marvel during the Holiday Home Tour. You see bungalows from the ’20s and Victorians from the turn of the century and lots more. If you’re wowed by historic architecture, it’s a must.



Shelby Park

Shelby Park

If you walk east down Lillian, you’ll hit Shelby Park, and the reasons to do so are many. There’s a dog park, playgrounds, golf courses, low-key fishing at Sevier Lake and the Old Timers ball park (also home to an outdoor movie series called the Shelby Park Picture Show), and lots of generally leafy loveliness.



Idea Hatchery

The Idea Hatchery

People talk a lot about how creative independent businesses have helped turn Nashville into the “it city” it’s seen as now. The Idea Hatchery on Woodland is part of what’s helping the next wave grow, with small, affordable storefronts in a cool and cute, centrally located corridor. It’s also a great place to shop, with men’s and women’s vintage, books, art and lots more.



Rosepepper Kanye

Rosepepper’s sense of humor

We get so many giggles out of East Nashville Mexican restaurant Rosepepper’s marquee jokes we wrote a whole blog post about it. Swing by 1907 Eastland for the laughs, stay for the margaritas.




Woodland Studios

There’s a ton of history in Woodland Studios — classic country albums were being made there tracing back to the ‘60s. But the space was almost lost after being damaged in the famous 1998 tornado. Thankfully, it’s still in use today, under the stewardship of Americana talents Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. That it’s still here and vibrant is a kind of perfect picture of the best of East Nashville.



The Walden development

Representing the newer side of Lockeland Springs, there’s Walden at Eastland and Chapel, stocked with delicious things to eat and fun things to buy: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, ramen at Two Ten Jack, home goods at Welcome Home… it’s almost always busy there, and deservedly so.



Fatherland District

The Fatherland District

Another newer development that just keeps on growing, the Fatherland District turned Fatherland and 11th into a destination for East Nashvillians and non-neighbors alike. The restaurants and shops range from artisan chocolate at Chocolate F/X and Vietnamese food at Far East Nashville to instruments at Eastside Music Supply and hemp products at Hempopotamus. The large and stylish event space Pavilion East brings lots of cool events in too, from festivals to parties, throughout the year.



Lockeland Table

Lockeland Table

When we’re going out to celebrate, there’s a good chance we’re headed to Lockeland Table — it’s absolutely one of Nashville’s best restaurants, from cocktails to dinner to dessert. Our team’s love for Lockeland is why we’re handing out a Valentine gift certificate at the open house — we want 1408 Lillian’s potential (or definite) new owners to get to spend a little time with a great argument for why their home is perfectly, perfectly located.


Do you have other Lockeland Springs loves to add? We’d love to see your additions.

And if you’re curious about 1408 Lillian, come by Sunday, 2 to 4 p.m., and take a look around!

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