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Monthly Archives: January 2016

    Nashville neighborhood spotlight on The Nations

    By Ashley Dugger | January 28, 2016

      Like a lot of you, we image, we were really bummed to hear about the impending closure of beloved venue/restaurant The Stone Fox in The Nations. Come Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016, the space will close its doors. But its effect on a bustling and rapidly growing part of Nashville certainly won’t be forgotten. The Stone... Read More

    Our favorite East Nashville moments from snowstorm Jonas

    By Ashley Dugger | January 27, 2016

      Now that everything’s melted away and our Nashville blizzarding times are just a memory, we can reflect a little on the weekend that was. And it was cold. But also, super fun — especially in East Nashville, where our team tends to spend a lot of time. Even if you didn’t venture out of your... Read More

    Garage doors in your living room?

    By Ashley Dugger | January 20, 2016

    It might be a little too early in 2016 to pick out what the growing home design trends might be (even if Pinterest thinks otherwise). But one thing we’ve been seeing grow in popularity in the neighborhoods closer to downtown in Nashville: garage doors in non-garage places. It’s not a brand-new trend — builders of... Read More

    Home design style picks of 2016 from the Pinterest 100

    By Ashley Dugger | January 19, 2016

      To kick off the year, the Internet’s favorite digital/social ideas board, Pinterest, gathered up 100 trending pins that represented what’d be front-of-mind in 2016, from food and crafts to home design. We picked through the latter to give a little insight into what stagers, builders and style-forward homeowners are doing to their spaces (according... Read More

    7 reasons to love Arrington, Tennessee

    By Ashley Dugger | January 16, 2016

      2146 Osburn Rd Arrington, TN 37014 PRICE: $509,000 One of our latest featured listings, 2146 Osburn Road, is located in Arrington, a 30-minute drive or so south of our home in Nashville. The home itself is a classic beauty, with more than 2,600 square feet of living space, and an acre-plus of beautiful, placid,... Read More

    Lightning 100’s Chocolate Affair gives Nashville access to a glut of sweet stuff

    By Ashley Dugger | January 12, 2016

      One thing Nashville has no shortage of: fantastic beer-tasting festivals (we’ve nodded toward a few of them, and barely scratched the surface). Less prevalent but no less appreciated: chocolate tasting festivals. Or, we should probably say festival, since the only one we know about at the moment is Lightning 100’s Chocolate Affair, coming up... Read More

    Middle Tennessee spotlight: Mount Pleasant, TN

    By Ashley Dugger | January 8, 2016

    We work in Nashville more than anywhere else, but it’s certainly not the only part of Middle Tennessee that intrigues and excites us — there are beautiful homes and charming communities from Sumner to Williamson County and well beyond, and we fall in love with farther-flung listings on a nearly daily basis. Case in point:... Read More

    Buying first-rate second homes in the Nashville area

    By Ashley Dugger | January 5, 2016

      This week, The Tennessean was talking about the rise in second home purchases in the Nashville area, pushed forward by business travelers and retirees. The benefits of a second Nashville home — usually condos and townhouses — are many. Some homeowners found that their monthly mortgage equaled as few as three nights in a... Read More

    Will 2016 be the year you become a Nashville homeowner?

    By Ashley Dugger | January 1, 2016

      We’re standing at the start of a new year, so a lot of us are doing that thing we do around this time: thinking about the changes we’ll try to embrace, the new experiences we’ll chase and other related bits of new-year newness. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to turn the calendar page and... Read More