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Monthly Archives: February 2016

    Nashville’s best, diviest dive bars

    By Ashley Dugger | February 29, 2016

    A week or so ago, the James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards semifinalists were announced, and there were a good few Nashville folks in the list. We were excited to see it, and wrote a little something about those talented chefs/restaurateurs. It came to mind, though: While Nashville is doing quite well at the moment with... Read More

    10 things you have to do before you’re officially an East Nashvillian

    By Ashley Dugger | February 24, 2016

    Over the years since our city began taking “its turn in the spotlight,” Nashville’s shown up on approximately 400,000 lists — best food scene, music scene, coffee shops, friendliest people, best place to buy a home… Feels like the only list we haven’t landed on lately is “cities with the most oceanfront property.” So, you’ll... Read More

    Nashville has strong presence on James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards semifinalist list

    By Ashley Dugger | February 20, 2016

        The food fanatics reading this likely already know, but: Earlier this week, the James Beard Foundation shared its annual list of Restaurant and Chef Awards semifinalists. Although this is just a start toward netting a coveted Beard award — not unlike the food world’s Grammys — even landing on the semifinalist list is a... Read More

    Grammy week inspiration: Need a new Nashville home with a music studio?

    By Ashley Dugger | February 16, 2016

      Today, all anyone’s talking about, really, is the Grammy Awards, somewhat understandably. Being Nashville Realtors, we’re thinking about all the neighbors returning from L.A. toting trophies (or feeling honored just to be nominated), and getting right back into their home studios to work on new potential Grammy grabs. Are you among the musical in... Read More

    10 things to love about Lockeland Springs in East Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | February 13, 2016

    1408 Lillian St Nashville, TN 37206 PRICE: $599,900   This weekend, we’re hosting an open house at an impeccably beautiful Craftsman replica home in Lockeland Springs: 1408 Lillian Street, pictured above. Given Sunday’s date — Valentine’s Day and all — we decided to bring out a little bit of extra love. Househunters who stop by... Read More

    Take a tour of Nashville food at Tennessee Flavors

    By Ashley Dugger | February 10, 2016

      If you’ve lived in Nashville for a bit, you’re well aware of our restaurant scene’s growth — it’s gone “boom,” Food & Wine magazine said last year. Which is great, but unless you’re going out to eat every other night, it starts to get a little hard to keep up with all the delicious... Read More

    The many styles of homes found in the Nashville area

    By Ashley Dugger | February 3, 2016

    One of the best things about being a realtor — or a homeowner — in the Nashville area is the wealth of architectural options here. In just one neighborhood, you might see a Craftsman home next to a cozy one-level ranch, three blocks over from a luxurious Victorian. If you love residential architecture, just driving... Read More

    Celebrating Valentine’s Day in a less-than-standard way in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | February 2, 2016

      Dinner. flowers. Maybe a bottle of wine… organizing a traditional Valentine’s Day isn’t hard. But what if you’re not quite so traditional? Maybe you’re freshly single, or freshly it’s-complicated. Maybe you just hate Valentine’s Day. We still hope you’ll be able to get a little enjoyment out of this annual Hallmark holiday, so we... Read More