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Monthly Archives: May 2016

    Downsizing or minimizing in Nashville? Where to find fabulous furniture for small spaces

    By Ashley Dugger | May 31, 2016

      For some of us, a Nashville dream home is a sprawling estate with dedicated rooms for every need or want in our lives. For others, it’s more cozy, with less space to keep up and a lifestyle based on the spirit of minimalism. An upcoming documentary screening at the Regal Green Hills 16 got... Read More

    Murfreesboro is one of the ‘Fastest Growing Cities in America’

    By Ashley Dugger | May 25, 2016

      A new study calculated the “Fastest Growing Cities in America,” and the towns at the top might surprise you — there’s a whole lotta Texas (not so surprising), a little California (not surprising) and, at No. 13: Middle Tennessee’s own charming college town, Murfreesboro (kinda surprising!). The calculations were based on population increases between... Read More

    5 Nashville homes with wow-worthy outdoor space

    By Ashley Dugger | May 24, 2016

      We have a long weekend coming up, and with it, it looks like we might get some good patio/deck weather in Nashville. If your place has outdoor space to brag about, this might be the weekend for an almost-summer cookout. If you’re hunting for a place with outdoor space to brag about, there are... Read More

    Get to know the growing East Nashville food scene in one night at Yum!East

    By Ashley Dugger | May 19, 2016

      With as much time as we spend in/exploring East Nashville, we should probably be able to give an elevator-pitch review of every restaurant and bar in the neighborhood. But with the rate this side of Nashville is growing, that’d be a tall order, even for people whose stoves haven’t seen regular action since transmissions were... Read More

    Furnish your home with one-of-a-kind finds from the Nashville Flea Market

    By Ashley Dugger | May 17, 2016

      While we work with sellers in all corners of Nashville, listing everything from modern condos to historic Victorian homes, every empty property has one thing in common: It’s a house, not a home. A space doesn’t become a home until you infuse it with you: your furnishings, your art, your cuddly hand-knitted throw blankets... Read More

    Live comedy in Nashville is getting bigger, broader and better

    By Ashley Dugger | May 11, 2016

      This May’s turning out to be a grade-A month for comedy in Nashville. First, there’s the Wild West Comedy Festival, returning for its third year on May 16-22, with famous names like Trevor Noah, Jeff Foxworthy, Kathy Griffin and Maria Bamford giving up the giggles at venues around town. (Check out a full schedule... Read More

    Would a new ‘downtown Nolensville’ entice you toward the Nashville suburb?

    By Ashley Dugger | May 9, 2016

      As Nashville grows and changes and gets more populous and more busy, we routinely find ourselves with two very passionate, very opposite kinds of househunters: the lovers of urban life, who are excited to search for a home right in the busy thick of things; and those who miss the days when Nashville was... Read More

    Celebrate Mother’s Day, East Nashville style

    By Ashley Dugger | May 4, 2016

      Two things are looming large in our minds in the office this week: the fact that we’re almost ready to list the stunning new East Nashville homes of Porter Road Place; and that this weekend is Mother’s Day, and we have some wonderful women in our lives to spoil. Might as well combine the... Read More

    Making the move from renter to homeowner in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | May 3, 2016

      WKRN ran a blurb this week about rising rental rates in Nashville — prices here in Music City rose 9 percent, the story said, as compared to a nationwide rise of under 3 percent. This is no surprise to you, surely, if you’re renting in Nashville. It’s hard, and getting harder, to find approachable... Read More