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Monthly Archives: October 2016

    Celebrate fall in Nashville at Cheekwood Harvest

    By Ashley Dugger | October 25, 2016

    For a lot of us, this week is all about Halloween — getting our haunted houses/costume parties/horror movie screenings in. Some of us, though, aren’t quite as in love with the spooky stuff, but prefer to celebrate the warm and cozy elements of autumn — colorful foliage, fireside cuddling, stout craft beers and, no shame here, all... Read More

    Sleep, eat and exercise inside shipping containers in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | October 24, 2016

      The design community at Dwell is a great place to go for home design inspiration, from actual structures to finishing touches. Last week, a collection of photos illustrating “What You Can Do With Old Shipping Containers” started at the stylish 404 Hotel in Nashville — which naturally piqued our interest — and then went on... Read More

    Nashville-bred restaurant brands succeeding and expanding in 2016

    By Ashley Dugger | October 21, 2016

      As much as Nashville’s changed, one thing has been constant: We support local businesses, intently and intensely. Proof of that is easy to find, from the mix of small-business incubators thriving in East Nashville to the Nashville-bred restaurant brands that aren’t just succeeding, but expanding. Earlier this week, we read about Biscuit Love —... Read More

    Nashville-area examples of the most popular and fastest growing architectural styles

    By Ashley Dugger | October 18, 2016

      A recent Realtor mag study gave some interesting insight into the architectural styles that are gaining (or maintaining) popularity in the United States. Some of what they found echoed our experiences as Realtors — we’ve definitely seen an uptick in interest in modern-looking, energy-efficient homes, and it definitely didn’t surprise us to see that the... Read More

    Give yourself a day of creative education at ArtCamp Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | October 12, 2016

      Last year, we were feeling nostalgic for the summer-camp experience, so we were glad to find Camp No Counselors — a chance to bunk up and play games and swim, with a few grown-up perks thrown in. This year, we’re missing the creative inspiration of arts and crafts, and the pride that comes with... Read More

    A 2016 home design trend we love too

    By Ashley Dugger | October 11, 2016

      Around this time every year, we start to see wrap-ups of the year that was (and, really still is). In our (professional) world, that usually means home design trends. All year, designers and Realtors take note of what buyers are feeling drawn to, and in 2016, according to the National Association of Realtors, the... Read More

    From Lady Gaga to The Killer, intimate ‘secret’ shows from major acts are a Nashville tradition

    By Ashley Dugger | October 6, 2016

    It’s been a high-profile-secret-show kind of week here in Nashville. On Monday, the most mega of country megastars, Garth Brooks, went back to where it all began, and took the stage at the Bluebird Cafe in Green Hills, joining songwriters Pat Alger, Tony Arata, Kent Blazy and Victoria Shaw inside one of the city’s best-known... Read More

    Athens of the South Festival celebrates local culture in East Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | October 4, 2016

      After “Music City,” Nashville’s best-known nickname is the “Athens of the South.” It might surprise you, though: The full-size replica of the Greek Parthenon in Centennial Park isn’t the cause of that nickname, but the result of it. Our blooming landscape of higher education institutions in the late 1800s is what initially got us the... Read More