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Monthly Archives: November 2016

    Start your Christmas celebrating this week at Nashville Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting

    By Ashley Dugger | November 30, 2016

      Even if you’re putting off decorating your home for Christmas just yet, this is the best week to get into the spirit of the season here in Nashville, at the city’s big Tree Lighting ceremony and Nashville Christmas Parade. Both are free, festive and fun, and since it’s Nashville, both feature world-class live music... Read More

    Get in the Christmas spirit for a great cause at John Corabi and Debbie Sorensen’s Toys for Tots benefit

    By Ashley Dugger | November 25, 2016

    Seven years back, John Corabi and Debbie Sorensen hosted a Christmas party imbued with the spirit of the season. There was food and drinks and music, but more key: Attendees got through the door by bringing a new, unwrapped toy or donation for Toys for Tots, to make sure that kids who needed a little... Read More

    New East Nashville fitness spots that can help you burn off holiday bloat

    By Ashley Dugger | November 21, 2016

      We can’t wait to meet up with people we love this week and begin the monthlong adventure of holiday overeating — some years, we might try to dial it back a little, but 2016’s been a doozy, so bring on the nog. As always, you have to pay for your excesses, so we’re bracing... Read More

    Thanksgiving decoration DIYs that use fall ingredients we all have laying around

    By Ashley Dugger | November 17, 2016

      In talking with friends, we’ve found that we’re not the only ones who feel like Thanksgiving week kind of sneaked up on us this year. We’re all more than thrilled to spend some time decompressing with family and capping it off with pumpkin pie, but the festive fall spirit hasn’t quite extended to our... Read More

    Holiday Maker Markets coming up in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | November 15, 2016

      You might be moving into Thanksgiving mode, but if you know any artisans/makers, you know their mode is already a full-on scramble for holiday-season sales. Our local jewelry designers and ceramic artists and woodworkers have their heads all the way down, and probably won’t come up for air until Christmas Day. We’re thankful for... Read More

    Nashville area becoming more popular for second-home buyers

    By Ashley Dugger | November 8, 2016

      A new piece in The Tennessean took a look at a different kind of Nashville-area home buyer: the growing group of people who don’t live in Middle Tennessee full-time, but still want to own property here. “Growing numbers of homes across Williamson County are being purchased as second homes by owners who live here... Read More

    Celebrate the beers of yesteryear at East Nashville’s Yesterbeer Festival

    By Ashley Dugger | November 7, 2016

      Like a lot of Nashvillians, we’re big fans of the art of craft beer — big, creative flavors made by small, local breweries in particular. But sometimes it’s good to hark back to simpler times, too, to the easy-drinking beer that your Granddad cracked open on the porch. That’s the idea behind the inaugural... Read More

    Shop and celebrate at Nashville Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair

    By Ashley Dugger | November 2, 2016

      We love the fact that Nashville, as a community, is unfailingly supportive of independent businesses, artists, artisans and makers. That environment helps spur a steady stream of local artisan markets all around town, all through the year. And that gives us great places to send new homeowners for decor/inspiration, to buy unique closing gifts... Read More

    Leftover Halloween candy recipes that’ll help you reinvent your chocolate haul

    By Ashley Dugger | November 1, 2016

      Now that trick-or-treating is all done here in Nashville (and everywhere else), good chance you’re left with bulk bags of candy you bought and didn’t get to give out, bulk bags of candy that the kids in your family hauled home, or a mix of both. While downing dozens of tiny chocolate bars is... Read More