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Monthly Archives: December 2016

    For your New Year’s Day feast: A Hoppin’ John recipe from our favorite Nashville food expert

    By Ashley Dugger | December 29, 2016

      Across the world on New Year’s Eve, we’ll watch fireworks, raise glasses and share midnight kisses. But one New Year’s tradition is special, just to the South: a New Year’s Day feast of Hoppin’ John. The dish itself is simple and delicious, built on rice, pork and peas, and the mythos behind it is... Read More

    Nashville New Year’s Eve music options to ring in 2017

    By Ashley Dugger | December 27, 2016

      If your favorite way of ringing in the New Year involves catching a show with tens of thousands of your closest friends/strangers, you already know where you’re going: this year’s downtown Nashville New Year’s celebration, the Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight. As with past years, there are major stars spanning multiple genres set to... Read More

    Home design trends of 2017, from kitchens to baths to bedrooms

    By Ashley Dugger | December 22, 2016

      We’re at the top of 2017, which means the design trends of the new year are… well, they’ve been here for months, and trendspotters have been studying them since pretty much four seconds after we rung in 2016. Styles shift fast in the fashion and design worlds, which is why it’s usually good to give yourself some... Read More

    Unique hotels coming to Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | December 20, 2016

      A new story in Conde Nast Traveler offers high praise for Nashville, calling our city “a force to be reckoned with.” Sure, it’s not exactly a freak occurrence to see national publications shining a spotlight on Nashville — the chorus has been remarkably steady over the past few years. But the reason behind this... Read More

    More and more in Nashville, outdoor entertainment areas are going high

    By Ashley Dugger | December 13, 2016

      A new piece in The Tennessean outlines something we’ve watched grow in Nashville in the past handful of years: “One of the most important living areas in today’s new homes isn’t inside the house. It’s in the yard or even on the roof.” A draw toward decked-out outdoor living space definitely isn’t anything new,... Read More

    Working Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year into your Nashville home

    By Ashley Dugger | December 12, 2016

      Every year, we look to color gurus Pantone to tip toward what’ll be on the paint brushes and in the design schemes of homes across the nation — their carefully chosen annual Color of the Year always signifies a color trend on the rise, which we almost surely see playing out in the fashion... Read More

    Nashville Rep’s ‘A Christmas Story’: a Nashville take on a national holiday tradition

    By Ashley Dugger | December 6, 2016

      To make it really feel like Christmas at home, I need at least these three things: a trimmed Christmas tree, a listen to the Vince Guaraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, and a viewing of A Christmas Story. Your heralding-the-holiday traditions might vary, but I’d put money on the fact that the latter... Read More

    Need a perfect gift for a Nashville food lover? Check out ‘Nashville Eats’ at Draper James this week

    By Ashley Dugger | December 5, 2016

      Turkey and ham tend to be the traditional foods we think about around Christmas, but since we’re in Nashville, why not hot chicken? The chicken’s red, pickles are green, and the bread to soak up the spice, white as the driven Christmas snow. If you’re OK with that line of thinking, here’s a suggestion for... Read More

    Unique and fun ornaments to make your Nashville Christmas tree extra festive

    By Ashley Dugger | December 2, 2016

      Becoming a full-fledged adult comes with a bunch of rites of passage, and buying a home is definitely one of the big ones. Buying and decorating your first Christmas tree inside that home: a smaller but nonetheless emotionally affecting one, at least from where we sit. Most of us usually start with a collection... Read More