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Monthly Archives: February 2017

    Get inspired for spring at the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show

    By Ashley Dugger | February 28, 2017

      A week or so ago, we shared some advice on getting your Nashville-area home ready to sell in the spring, and one of the tasks we focused on: giving your landscaping and curb appeal some attention. Home-sellers, of course, aren’t the only ones whose minds are turning toward gardening and landscaping as spring rolls in... Read More

    Did you know you can hire livestock to clear your Middle Tennessee property? Meet the Nashville Chew Crew and Goat Guys

    By Ashley Dugger | February 28, 2017

      If you were out enjoying the beautiful weather this past weekend, you probably noticed one of the less welcome signs of spring: things on our lawns are getting a little straggly, so the lawnmower’s pretty much due to come out of hibernation. If you live in one of the Nashville neighborhoods close to downtown,... Read More

    The original ‘Property Brothers’ is casting in Nashville now, too

    By Ashley Dugger | February 22, 2017

      In January, we mentioned that two HGTV home renovation shows — Property Brothers: Buying and Selling and Listed Sisters — were casting homeowners here in Nashville. Seems the interest in Nashville real estate isn’t slowing down in the TV world, because we can add another series to the casting-in-Nashville list: the Scott Brothers’ flagship... Read More

    Getting your home ready to sell this spring

    By Ashley Dugger | February 21, 2017

      We’re still a few steps away from the busy spring home-buying and home-selling season, even if it already feels like winter’s over (or never arrived). That said, if you’re thinking about putting your Nashville home on the market, you’re running short on time to get things ready to list. Now’s as good a time... Read More

    Planning to renovate a historic home in Nashville? Don’t miss the Old House Fair

    By Ashley Dugger | February 15, 2017

      Did you take a spin through our collection of historic homes on the market now in/near Nashville yet? We love tracking down homes like those — if you’re like us, old houses are a source of love and inspiration; there’s just something undeniably special in a home that’s full of history, full of stories, and... Read More

    Historic homes for sale in the Nashville area, February 2017

    By Ashley Dugger | February 13, 2017

      Over the past few weeks, we’ve shined a spotlight on modern and contemporary homes in Nashville, in response to requests from neighbors and Nashville househunters. This week, we want to move in the opposite direction and look toward a personal favorite: historic homes in the Nashville area. The members of the ACRE team have... Read More

    Contemporary homes for sale in the Nashville area, February 2017

    By Ashley Dugger | February 8, 2017

      We started the year looking at the blog posts that got the most love on our site, and found that Nashville real estate fans seemed drawn to modern architecture. Which works out, since modern homes in Nashville are popping up more and more lately. A related note we thought was worth exploring, too: While... Read More

    Interested in a Nashville CSA? Stop by the 3rd Annual CSA Fair

    By Ashley Dugger | February 6, 2017

    One of the positive changes that’s been building in Nashville for a long time: Our residents are continuing to get more and more passionate about health, wellness, and how what they eat every day feeds into that. More specifically, from Nashville restaurants to our own kitchens, we’re focusing on eating local, seasonal, organic and/or natural food, and... Read More

    Middle Tennessee schools that ranked among the ‘2017 Best Public High Schools in America’

    By Ashley Dugger | February 2, 2017

      Homebuyers in the Nashville area — and any area — consider a lot of things when they’re figuring out where they want to live. Commute, culture, proximity to things like parks and greenways. For parents or parents-to-be, the biggest concern is usually schools. We can’t ever push anyone toward the “best” schools in our... Read More