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Monthly Archives: May 2017

    There’s a mini-Shire near Nashville, and you can stay there

    By Ashley Dugger | May 30, 2017

    If you’re among the multi-millions of people who’ve ever read/seen anything Lord of the Rings-related, you’ve probably also daydreamed about cozying up inside a hillside hut in The Shire, surrounded by leafy trees and budding flowers and quiet serenity. The good news: If you felt like flying out to New Zealand, you can visit the... Read More

    Nashville homes for sale that embrace the color trends of 2017

    By Ashley Dugger | May 29, 2017

    A few months ago, we were reading about the color trends dominating home decor in 2017 in House Beautiful, and thinking about whether we agreed, as we toured Nashville homes on the market. Now just about halfway through the year, for the most part, we’re on board with what the experts in the magazine predicted.... Read More

    Nashville’s biggest architecture firms and their high-profile projects

    By Ashley Dugger | May 24, 2017

      As architecture fans, we’re interested in who’s designing the structures popping up around Nashville, from new homes to mixed-use projects to office buildings. So Nashville Business Journal’s recent rundown of Nashville’s largest architectural firms caught our attention. Even if you’re not involved in real estate here in Nashville, with how visibly and swiftly things... Read More

    Where to play hockey in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | May 22, 2017

      As this post was going up, the Nashville Predators were gearing up to host Game Six of the Western Conference finals versus the Anaheim Ducks. Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure: Our unstoppable Preds have fired up hockey fandom in Nashville in a way that’s bound to last for a long, long time. “A... Read More

    Exploring East Nashville’s eclectic corners, with homes for sale now

    By Ashley Dugger | May 16, 2017

      Since we’re an East Nashville-based real estate team, we end up working with a lot of people looking to buy or sell a home in East Nashville. East Nashville sellers usually know the neighborhood pretty well already, but with buyers, it differs. Sometimes East Nashville calls to longtime Nashvillians who’ve already spent years traversing 37206,... Read More

    Nashville stars opening Nashville bars and restaurants

    By Ashley Dugger | May 11, 2017

      Celebrity-owned restaurants and bars are nothing new to Nashville — we’ve had B.B. King’s place on 2nd Ave. N. since 2003, and if you wanted to really dig, you could find stories of Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken back in the ‘60s. But over the past handful of years, it’s certainly started to feel like... Read More

    A website that sifts through Amazon for only the best-designed stuff

    By Ashley Dugger | May 9, 2017

      Everyone on our team shops local in Nashville more often than not, handmade as much as possible too. But we can’t claim to be immune to the convenience of Amazon and its online-retailer ilk. When you can’t find something at a Nashville shop/market, or you’re not finding options that suit your taste, the never-ending... Read More

    Shop for handmade home goods at the spring Tennessee Craft Fair

    By Ashley Dugger | May 4, 2017

      Twice a year, Nashville-based nonprofit Tennessee Craft hosts a Tennessee Craft Fair, with artists and artisans who come from all over the country to share their handcrafted work. The specific pieces you’ll see at the fairs span across just about all kinds of craftsmanship, from fine woodworking to ceramic arts to metal sculpture. But... Read More

    A look inside a high-end Nashville home renovation project

    By Ashley Dugger | May 4, 2017

      Our main focus here at ACRE is helping clients buy and sell homes in Nashville. But our love of Nashville homes extends to our creative pursuits too, so from time to time, we take on a renovation project, with an aim of bringing new life to a historic home in need of love.  ... Read More