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Monthly Archives: June 2017

    A little bit of Charleston in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | June 27, 2017

      As Nashville’s restaurant scene has been booming, we’ve seen chefs and concepts from all over the country pop up in Music City, from Brooklyn and Los Angeles to Chicago to Maine. Worth noting: More and more lately, too, former Charleston residents are getting big tastes of home here in Nashville.   Charleston-to-Nashville restaurants  ... Read More

    It’s almost Thirth of July time in East Nashville again

    By Ashley Dugger | June 26, 2017

      We’re coming up again on one of our favorite Nashville events of the year: The Thirth of July block party, probably the most East Nashville of East Nashville celebrations, next to the annual Tomato Art Fest. If you’ve never been, here’s a simple rundown: Since 2001, Eastside neighbors have been getting their Independence Day... Read More

    Hanging chairs: a home-style trend that’s hanging around again

    By Ashley Dugger | June 20, 2017

    Earlier this year, we noticed a lot of home-design trend predictions pointing toward ‘70s decor broadly, and the returning popularity of hanging chairs, specifically. Although hanging-chair love has seemed to spring up a little more each year for the past five or so, in 2017, we think we do actually see ceiling-suspended seating springing back... Read More

    Are you a Southern artisan or maker? Submit for the Made in the South Awards

    By Ashley Dugger | June 19, 2017

      One of our favorite places to learn about new Southern makers and design talents is the annual Made in the South Awards, run by Garden & Gun magazine. Each year, fresh talent from all over the region submits new pieces and products for the contest, slotted into one of six different categories: food, drink,... Read More

    Where to find other cities’ famous culinary comforts in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | June 15, 2017

      We don’t have to look back all that far to remember when Nashville’s famous dish was really only found here. But now, you can sit down for hot chicken from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, and lots of cities in between. While hot chicken’s been spreading its wings, we’ve gotten better at approximating other cities’... Read More

    Nashville Goat Yoga with Shenanigoats is a thing, and it’s beautiful

    By Ashley Dugger | June 12, 2017

      Did you happen to read our February post about the local goats and sheep that’ll do your Nashville landscaping? We were excited (and admittedly entertained) to know that it was an option to book adorable, hardworking hoofed friends like those for our local brush-clearing needs. So imagine the thrill when our team came across... Read More

    The cutest kids-room shopping in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | June 7, 2017

      Between buyers and home sellers in Nashville, we’ve been really lucky over the past few years to work with families with some really cute kids, and some really cute kids’ rooms. Kids’ rooms sometimes get short shrift when we’re talking about home staging and home design, since not every buyer has little ones. But... Read More

    Find unique art and home goods, and support Nashville artists, with Society6

    By Ashley Dugger | June 5, 2017

    We’re always looking for unique, creative ways to decorate a home — for our own Nashville homes, and for the Middle Tennessee homes we list. Our team has our go-to Nashville shops and maker markets, but we’re on a little Society6 kick right now, and in talking with some Nashville friends, we realized that a... Read More