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Monthly Archives: September 2017

    Adventure Science Center invites you to do yoga under 6.5 million stars

    By Ashley Dugger | September 26, 2017

      Our team has a lot of affection for the Adventure Science Center — their Way Late Play Dates are some of the most creative and fun evening outings a grown-up/young-at-heart Nashvillian can find. And we’re pretty taken in by creative approaches to yoga — like, say, Shenanigoats’ Goat Yoga, with a mix of instructors... Read More

    Stock your home bar with Nashville-bred cocktail mixers

    By Ashley Dugger | September 25, 2017

      Cocktail culture is in full bloom in Nashville — any day, in any Nashville neighborhood, you can find any number of talented mixologists slinging excellent craft cocktails around town, from Attaboy in East Nashville to Patterson House in Midtown. Also worth noting: If you don’t feel like leaving your home, you’re doing OK in... Read More

    Attainable Art Deco decor for the everyday Nashville homeowner

    By Ashley Dugger | September 20, 2017

    Domino magazine just asked an interesting question: “Is Art Deco the Next Mid-Century Modern?” Mid-century modern decor doesn’t seem to want to fade just yet, but we definitely see the beginnings of a changing tide, and the “glamorous details, jewel-toned palettes, and luxe-looking materials” of Art Deco sure seem to be coming to the fore. Unfamiliar... Read More

    Not-too-gory treats for your Nashville Halloween party

    By Ashley Dugger | September 18, 2017

      There’s a line with dishes/treats you make for Halloween parties, and it usually sits right in the middle of cutesy-spooky and all-out gross. Some of us like to lean toward one side or the other. For our own Halloween get-togethers, we like to try to balance delicately on the line. Which means we’re not... Read More

    New for Nashville in 2017: THE GLOW A Jack O’Lantern Experience

    By Ashley Dugger | September 12, 2017

      We’re never short on Halloween-season stuff to do in Nashville — the annual Cheekwood Harvest, with thousands of mums and creative scarecrows galore, is one of our team’s favorite things to do very year. But for 2017, something new for the Nashville fall calendar caught our eyes: THE GLOW: A Jack O’Lantern Experience, a... Read More

    Quick, easy but still cool ways to dress up your Nashville porch for fall

    By Ashley Dugger | September 11, 2017

    If you love fall (we do) and you love home decor (again, we do), this time of year always brings a desire to dress up the porch with autumnal moods. Unfortunately, it doesn’t also bring an abundance of extra time to creatively reinvent your curb appeal. There’s nothing wrong with old standbys — we’re not... Read More

    Key Internet of Things security tools for your Nashville smart home

    By Ashley Dugger | September 5, 2017

      This week, WKRN spoke with some Nashville homeowners about the way they’re using Internet of Things tools to protect their homes. Neighbors in The Nations, for one, are relying on camera-enabled Ring doorbells to keep an eye on their own homes, and what’s happening around them. By sharing videos from the neighborhood via the... Read More

    Retro kitchen appliances we love

    By Ashley Dugger | September 4, 2017

      We can’t help but agree with Apartment Therapy here — more and more, the most desired kitchen design style throws way, way back to the early part of the 1900s, with simple shaker cabinets, open shelving, farmhouse sinks and big vent hoods continuing to move into the foreground. And although the trend still hasn’t... Read More