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Monthly Archives: November 2017

    Hail the queen of hygge: the midcentury modern freestanding fireplace

    By Ashley Dugger | November 28, 2017

      Last year probably marked the peak of hygge consciousness — as The New Yorker noted, the Danish word, meant to connote a feeling of coziness, comfort and contentment, was a finalist for the Oxford Dictionaries’ “word of the year.” It’s a fantastic word that’s flexible in its definition, but for most of us, the... Read More

    For Nashville homebuyers in 2017, condos and townhomes are high on the list

    By Ashley Dugger | November 27, 2017

      The recent piece in The Tennessean about the soaring demand for condos in Nashville probably didn’t come as a surprise to too many hopeful Middle Tennessee homebuyers. New communities are still steadily popping up across Nashville, and even as the supply grows, units — particularly in the first-time-buyer-budget price range — tend to go... Read More

    Our pick for printing holiday photos and other wall art: Social Print Studio

    By Ashley Dugger | November 21, 2017

      Living in a digital world has its pluses and minuses, photographically speaking. It’s easier to find good cameras, get good shots and capture our important moments all day, every day. But, oddly enough, it feels harder and harder to find quality, affordable printing, if you decide you want to bring your snapshots out of... Read More

    Nashville-centric Christmas songs for the 2017 holiday season

    By Ashley Dugger | November 20, 2017

      Like it or not, it’s that time again: As soon as we put our turkey forks down on Thursday (if not before), holiday chestnuts will be blasting non-stop everywhere we go, from our shopping stops to the dentist to the DMV. For some of us, this is, aesthetically speaking, an annual nightmare. Luckily for... Read More

    Our historic Nashville renovation project: the final reveal

    By Ashley Dugger | November 15, 2017

      It’s been a long road, and we’re excited and relieved to be at the end of it. In May, we shared the very beginnings of a massive Nashville renovation project we’d taken on: bringing a historic Belmont Foursquare down to the studs, and building it back up to its former glory, and then some. The... Read More

    Head to Franklin for holiday shopping at the 2017 Made South Holiday Market

    By Ashley Dugger | November 13, 2017

      For holiday shopping — most gift shopping throughout the year, really — our team likes to keep tabs on local makers markets, so we can focus on handmade/locally made goods. This way, we give our loved ones something special and unique, and support our neighbors at the same time. Among our favorite local/annual winter markets: the... Read More

    Buying a new Nashville home with a first-time-buyer budget

    By Ashley Dugger | November 7, 2017

    Last week, The Tennessean dug into a topic that a lot of Nashville homebuyers will find familiar: the struggle to find an affordable home, and how Nashville-area developers and investors are addressing that need. “Affordable” is subjective, but in that piece, the focus was on properties that fell below the average price of a home... Read More

    Reboot your Thanksgiving table with cool new flatware

    By Ashley Dugger | November 6, 2017

      If you’re hosting Thanksgiving in your Nashville home this year, you’re probably already pulling the place together — fresh fall decor touches, a deep clean, maybe buying a few extra chairs. One of our favorite easy ways to refresh a dining room for the holidays: new flatware. Certain small home-goods touches can really make... Read More