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Monthly Archives: January 2018

    It’s boom time for the Charlotte Corridor in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | January 31, 2018

      As construction hums forward at Ashland Place — the new northeast Nashville townhome community we’re proud to be listing homes for — we’ve been spending a lot more time in West Nashville. Specifically, The Nations and the Charlotte Corridor, since Ashland Place is just a stone’s throw away. Much has been said about the... Read More

    Your historic East Nashville Victorian dream home awaits

    By Ashley Dugger | January 29, 2018

      If you followed the saga of the historic Nashville renovation project we took on last year, it’s probably clear enough: Our team is thoroughly and permanently in love with historic homes. We also work inside a historic home in East Nashville, which helped cement our love of the East Side. We know we have... Read More

    East Nashville homes for sale: the trends, the facts and the fiction

    By Ashley Dugger | January 26, 2018

    We love East Nashville — our office is in the East End area, just beside Lockeland Springs; many of our favorite restaurants are here; many of our favorite people live here. So it’s in no way surprising to us that, especially in recent years, many, many Nashville homebuyers are looking to find the perfect place... Read More

    It’s Hot Chicken Week again in Nashville! Here are our picks.

    By Ashley Dugger | January 22, 2018

      As longtime Nashvillians and therefore devoted fans of our city’s official food, Hot Chicken, we’ve come to look forward to the Nashville Scene’s annual Hot Chicken Week — an opportunity to grab regular/special hot chicken dishes at restaurants all across the city, all for $5, dinner and lunch. The 2018 event just kicked off,... Read More

    New homes for sale near Nashville’s fast-growing Buchanan Arts District

    By Ashley Dugger | January 17, 2018

      Nearly every Nashville neighborhood has experienced a remarkable — and steadily remarked-upon — growth spurt over the last handful of years, from The Nations “evolv(ing) into one of Nashville’s hottest urban hubs” and Donelson growing into “one of the hottest zip codes in the country” to Germantown getting nationally hailed as “Nashville’s Hottest Neighborhood.” So... Read More

    Nashville homes for sale that offer more than the ordinary

    By Ashley Dugger | January 16, 2018

      From a real estate perspective, one of the best things about the Nashville area is its breadth — no matter what kind of architecture grabs your heart, you’re bound to find properties on the market in or near Nashville that fit. You can find historic Victorians in Historic Edgefield, cool mid-century ranches in Crieve... Read More

    Dos and don’ts of owning a fireplace for Nashville homebuyers and homeowners

    By Ashley Dugger | January 12, 2018

      It might not be looking like we’re going to get the snowfall that was predicted in Nashville, but we’re locking down here all the same, in part to stay off icy roads, in part because we can’t deny a good excuse to curl up by the fireplace. We’re certainly not alone there — homebuyers... Read More

    John Rich and other country stars moonlighting with whiskey and lighter spirits

    By Ashley Dugger | January 10, 2018

      Over the weekend, country voice (and famous Love Circle resident) John Rich introduced his new whiskey brand, Redneck Riviera Whiskey, while celebrating a birthday at his place in Nashville. The small-batch, Portland-made spirits, according to the bottles, offer up a “vanilla honey smoothness and subtle oak finish.” Certainly more importantly to Rich, they got... Read More

    Find a new creative passion for 2018 at Make Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | January 3, 2018

      For a lot of us, the New Year brings a desire to reset — which tends to mean new diets, new gym memberships, new attempts to kill old habits. Those are all fine things to do, but in 2018, we want to approach the New Year in Nashville a little differently, and try to... Read More

    On cold Nashville days, warm up with these hot, locally connected cocktails

    By Ashley Dugger | January 2, 2018

      With how it feels outside in Nashville right now, we’re all having a hard time thinking about anything other than a) curling up by the fireplace with a gang of throw blankets, and b) drinking something warm, possibly with whiskey in it. Choice A will have to suffice until we clock out for the... Read More