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Monthly Archives: March 2018

    Annual East Nashville festivals you shouldn’t miss

    By Ashley Dugger | March 27, 2018

      Just a bit ago, as we were digging into why we love Lockeland Springs and Woodland Street so much, we realized how much of our spring and summer social lives in East Nashville are taken up by festivals. There are a lot of reasons to love East Nashville — the beautiful historic homes, the... Read More

    Nashville Japan Week returns, leading up to the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival

    By Ashley Dugger | March 26, 2018

      For coming up on a decade now, the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival has shared both simple and grand goals. Its committee’s mission was to plant 100 cherry trees every year for 10 years, eventually adding 1,000 living testaments to their work, and lots of living beauty to our city. On a broader level, the... Read More

    Homes for sale in Brentwood TN for a new, spring 2018 start

    By Ashley Dugger | March 20, 2018

      More good news for Brentwood, TN, this month: The Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development said the city has the lowest city-level unemployment rate in Tennessee, beating out nearby Franklin. For perspective: Brentwood’s city-level unemployment rate sits at about 2.4 percent. The national unemployment rate stayed locked at 4.1 percent in February. Point... Read More

    Spring checklist for selling a home in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | March 19, 2018

      The redbuds popping up on trees are always a harbinger: We’re entering peak season for buying and selling homes in Nashville. If you’re considering selling this year, there’s a lot you can (and should) do to prep, inside and out, from a thorough spring cleaning to staging some key spaces. With spring, though, we... Read More

    If there’s one thing Nashville is, it’s ‘not just country’

    By Ashley Dugger | March 13, 2018

      Through the years, what folks outside Nashville have heard about Nashville has differed pretty widely. Our real estate market is the hottest! Our dining scene is taking over! Our traffic is terrible! The only thing that’s been relatively consistent, over decades: People excitedly proclaiming that Nashville is “not just country music.” It’s been said... Read More

    Why we love Woodland Street in East Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | March 12, 2018

      Our latest East Nashville home listing — 1403 Woodland St., a 1910 Bungalow steps from 5 Points — grabs our hearts for a lot of reasons. The fireplaces, the gorgeous woodwork on the kitchen island, the way the high ceilings give the whole home an airy, breezy calm. But one of our favorite attributes... Read More

    Nashville Cocktail Festival returns for 2018

    By Ashley Dugger | March 6, 2018

    For going on five years now, the spirits experts at PourTaste have been hosting a multi-day celebration here in Nashville, entirely focused on the art of the cocktail, from the distilleries making spirits to mixologists turning them into sips worth savoring. Come April 25 to 29, the Nashville Cocktail Festival returns for 2018, with five... Read More

    2018 Crawfish Boils in Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | March 5, 2018

    The crawfish boil isn’t a tradition we can lay claim to here in Nashville — our friends in Louisiana get credit for that culinary genius — but we’ve embraced it wholly in Middle Tennessee all the same. Once peak mudbug season starts — spring and early summer always bring the best and most wallet-friendly hauls... Read More

    East Nashville homes for sale, open this weekend

    By Ashley Dugger | March 2, 2018

    We’ve just listed two different homes for sale in East Nashville, each with different (but immense) charm, both historic and updated, both hosting open houses this weekend. A little more about each: Lockeland Springs bungalow 1403 Woodland St. Nashville, TN 37206 $649,900 For the East Nashville homebuyer eager to be right in the heart of... Read More