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Monthly Archives: December 2018

    Nashville Restaurant Week is back in January, 2019

    By Ashley Dugger | December 31, 2018

      After Thanksgiving and/or Christmas — and after whatever you’re getting up to on New Year’s Eve in Nashville — finding food might not be the first thing on your mind. But by the second week of January or so, we bet you’ll be back looking for Nashville restaurants that capture your curiosity and entertain... Read More

    Nashville: Are open concept homes on the way out, or still here to stay?

    By Ashley Dugger | December 31, 2018

      While catching up on some home design-related reading over the holidays, we came upon this piece from CityLab, making a case for rooms. “It’s time to end the tyranny of open-concept interior design,” it offers. This is a subject that, being Nashville real estate agents, comes up a lot for us. People either love... Read More

    Still need Nashville New Year’s Eve plans? A few options:

    By Ashley Dugger | December 27, 2018

      It’s understandable, while you’re gathering Christmas presents and hosting parties, that you might end up a little behind on making your Nashville New Year’s Eve plans. But as busy as our city’s gotten over the past few years, last-minute New Year’s Eve planning can get a little… complicated. That said, if you’re about to... Read More

    Nashville apartments and condos have you struggling with furniture that fits? Floyd might have your answer.

    By Ashley Dugger | December 19, 2018

    One of the most common questions we get when we help people buy a home in Nashville? “Where should we go to buy furniture?” And as more and more buyers are choosing cozier Nashville condos and townhomes in close-in Nashville neighborhoods, that’s shifting to, “Where can I find furniture that’ll fit in smaller spaces, and... Read More

    Adult education programs like Nashville Community Education make learning easy and affordable

    By Ashley Dugger | December 18, 2018

      The most common New Year’s resolutions tend to be about health and money — exercising more, frivolously spending less. But as we move toward 2019, a lot of Nashvillians (and other Americans) are also thinking about broadening their horizons. From YouGov stats: About 15 percent of New Year’s resolutions hover around learning a new... Read More

    Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station are Tennessee’s fastest-growing communities

    By Ashley Dugger | December 13, 2018

      Anyone who lives in Williamson County probably isn’t surprised to hear this: “Tennessee’s fastest growing communities are nestled in Williamson County,” The Tennessean noted this week. Specifically, a new set of data released by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station have “exploded with incoming residents,” to the tune of... Read More

    Townhomes for sale in Nashville, TN, that’ll meet a rising demand

    By Ashley Dugger | December 12, 2018

      By the middle of 2018, a lot about the housing market in Nashville was beginning to shift, from an upswing in home inventory to a rise in Nashville homes valued over a million dollars. Another shift, according to The Tennessean: “Growing numbers of home buyers are choosing townhomes … with lower prices, no grass... Read More

    Igloo yourselves together this winter at the Bobby Hotel in downtown Nashville

    By Ashley Dugger | December 5, 2018

      This time of year in Nashville, we’re all inundated with opportunities to celebrate the season, and Nashville being a top-notch hospitality town, most of those holiday-partying options are decently appealing. But this winter, the Bobby Hotel’s really managed to stand out, by creating a “rooftop wonderland” in their lounge that we can’t get out... Read More

    The Christmas tree trends of 2018

    By Ashley Dugger | December 3, 2018

      Chances are you’ve already got your Christmas decor sorted at your Nashville home — tree trimmed, stockings hung by the chimney with care, etc. But for the latecomers, and especially those of you who like to try something a little fresh and different when it comes to home decor, we thought we’d share some... Read More