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Monthly Archives: January 2019

    East Nashville’s Dickerson Pike is ready for a real-estate revival

    By Ashley Dugger | January 31, 2019

      If we ever go a day without hearing someone lamenting how, “East Nashville real estate has gotten so much more expensive,” we’ll likely fall over from shock. It’s fair: Home prices in nearly every corner of East Nashville have risen considerably over the past 15 or so years. Even just since the start of... Read More

    Historic Nashville recording studio hits the market in Berry Hill

    By Ashley Dugger | January 24, 2019

      We’re much more focused on residential real estate in Nashville here at ACRE, but we do sometimes deal with commercial properties in Middle Tennessee, and we certainly pay attention to interesting ones that hit the market. We’re also particularly partial to historic properties, and lovers of Nashville history. So when a historic commercial property... Read More

    Interior plantscapes or Interiorscaping: Who to turn to in Nashville for help

    By Ashley Dugger | January 21, 2019

      Interiorscaping or interior plantscapes — i.e. purposefully adding plants and other living elements to your home’s design — have obvious aesthetic benefits. Adding lively pops of green to your decor simply makes the place prettier — some pros say the beauty boost is enough to help your home sell. Beyond the visual, there’s also... Read More

    Sumner County TN is a rapidly growing Middle Tennessee draw, and new construction is following

    By Ashley Dugger | January 16, 2019

      The draw of the Nashville real estate market is well-documented at this point, and Williamson County’s housing market has well-established strength, too. So it’s not a big surprise that Sumner County, bordering Davidson County on the northeast corner, would be catching a good growth spurt too. “Good schools, a strong economy, a solid record... Read More

    Planning on buying a home in Nashville in 2019? Study lists us among ‘Hottest U.S. Markets for 2019’

    By Ashley Dugger | January 15, 2019

      A week or so ago, we shared some research on the hottest real estate markets of 2018, including the fact that the Nashville housing market sat right near the top, at No. 3. If you’re considering buying a home in Nashville in 2019, research like that has to have you thinking: “OK, so... Read More

    Nashville housing market still among hottest in the nation

    By Ashley Dugger | January 9, 2019

      Things are finally calming down just a little in the Nashville housing market — Nashville home inventory has increased considerably, the pace of home sales is slowing just a little, and prices, while rising year-over-year, are doing so at a less frenzied pace. That’s good news for potential Nashville homebuyers — you should have... Read More

    Relocating to Nashville? Some help with your culture shock.

    By Ashley Dugger | January 8, 2019

      The steady influx of people relocating to Nashville has slowed just a little, finally — by March of 2018, figures were released showing that Nashville’s population growth had finally dropped below the much-touted 100-people-a-day mark. That said, it wasn’t by much: Data from 2016 to July 2017 still showed a net daily Nashville gain... Read More

    Best restaurants in Nashville to get home design inspiration in 2019

    By Ashley Dugger | January 1, 2019

      The restaurant and bar boom in Nashville has been a welcome bounty for food and cocktail lovers. But even if you’re more the type to down a bottle of Soylent and call it a day, Nashville’s newer dining and drinking haunts have had something inspiring to offer. Namely: absolutely stunning, trend-forward decor. This isn’t... Read More