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5 of Nashville’s most stylish salons

Scout's West


We all have more than a few friends whose relationship with their stylist is nearly as committed as their marriage. You know how it is: When you find someone who makes you feel like the best version of yourself, you lock ‘em down, whether that means walking down the aisle or returning to their place of work every six weeks for as long as you both shall live.

So, unsurprisingly, we meet a lot of style-conscious transplants whose biggest struggle with leaving their old hometown was breaking up with their longtime hair partner. You move to a new city, you have to start hair dating again — and it’s scary. Even in a city as creatively vibrant as Nashville.

So if you’re particular about style, and new to Nashville — or just haven’t found your perfect match yet — here are a 5 stylish Music City salons that we think have a little something special.

5 stylish Nashville salons


Scouts Barbershop

If you’re looking for:

A last-minute, low-cost trim or style reboot that has book-ahead, high-end-boutique-level style

Head to:

Scout’s Barbershop (two locations: 904 Main Street in East Nashville and 132 46th Ave N. in Sylvan Park, which is pictured up top)

Really easy: Pop in, put your name on the list (you can request your beloved stylist) and grab a local cold-brew coffee or beer while you wait. (You can also call ahead to see what the wait’s looking like and plan your day.) They’re down for men’s, women’s and children’s cuts, but this is a particularly solid choice if you’re a dapper gentleman looking for a clean throwback fade. The prices are really good, too — even a long cut is just $30.


If you’re looking for:

Special event-worthy styling.

Head to:

TRIM Classic Barber & Legendary Beauty (2315 12th Ave. S., in 12 South)

Set up like time-travel trip back to the ’40s, manly classic barber on one side and glamorous beauty hub on the other, TRIM has stylists ready to do your everyday cut, and pros with tons of experience styling country stars for the red carpet. So if you’re hoping to go glamorous, they’re not a bad bet.



Yellow House

If you’re looking for:

Wild and wonderful color

Head to:

The Yellow House Salon (1104 Forrest Ave. in East Nashville)

Liz Whipple — half of the husband-and-wife owner team at the Yellow House — specializes in color and has a wide open mind when it comes to inspiration. So if you feel drawn toward less traditional tones — lavenders, blues, fun Balayage highlights — her place is worth exploring.



Parlour and Juke
If you’re looking for:

a close, close shave and a tight, stylish pompadour fade

Head to:

Parlour & Juke (521 8th Ave S, Suite 302)

Parlour & Juke stylists and barbers can offer a stylish cut whether you’re long, short, medium, man, woman or child. But if you’re ultra-particular about your classic leading-man cut and your close shave, this is where most anyone in Nashville will send you.



Lucy Pop

If you’re looking for:

Luscious long hair that wasn’t there when you walked in

Head to:

Lucy Pop (1911 21st Ave. in Hilssboro/West End area

Set in a cute foursquare with “décor inspired by Wednesday Addams’s sense of style,” Lucy Pop is a great choice for bold color choices and cute cuts. But in particular, if you’ve been dying for locks that linger well past the shoulder and can’t seem to (or don’t have time to) grow them, LP stylists excel at extensions that don’t reveal your secret.


Are any of these on your go-to list? Know other Nashville salons that have a particularly special specialty? Suggestions (always) welcome!

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