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A home decor trend we love: round mirrors


Ain’t so hip to be square, anymore — at least if we’re talking mirrors, and going by Pinterest’s trend hunting and outlets like Lonny magazine.

It’s a home-design trend our Nashville real estate team can absolutely get behind. Nothing against a simple square or rectangular mirror, but leaning round gives a more style-forward and modern feel to a space, adds extra interest, softness and — if you choose the right mirror — cool tones and textures too.

Feeling drawn toward adding the round-mirror look to your Nashville home? For inspiration, here are a few of the favorites we’ve bookmarked/pinned recently. Almost all come from shops with Nashville locations/based in Nashville. The rest: easy enough to snag online.


Sana Brass Mirror

Brass is big in 2017 and only getting bigger, so although there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this super-affordable option from the always-affordable World Market, it’s still very much of the moment. Getting a decent-sized and stylish mirror (at 34 inches) for well under $150 is a steal.



Victor leather mirror

Also earning lots of love in 2017: Adding an earthy touch to clean, sleek glass, with mirrors suspended with rope or leather. Something like this Victor leather mirror from CB2 can bring extra personality to a powder room, added interest to a living room… It’s on the small side at 24 inches, but one of the benefits of the pendant-style approach is how it takes up more visual real estate.




Round mirror with chain

We’re gonna go ahead and ask East Nashville home-goods shop Apple & Oak to get this one back in stock — it’s small but packs a lot of design punch, with a pendant-style hanging chain that gives the piece a 30-inch wingspan and a tough, industrial-edged personality.




Round mirror

Nashville furniture shop Nadeau always has a good selection of decor items, mirrors included. And if you’re drawn toward something a little more chunky, it’s hard to go wrong with this one, since it’s eye-grabbing and a bargain.




Stockholm mirror

Good old IKEA’s always there to let you explore a trend without breaking the bank. (We don’t do too much IKEA shopping, but we’re still looking forward to getting a new IKEA store in Nashville in the near future.) This $100 walnut-veneer mirror isn’t exactly going to be an heirloom piece, but it looks cool and has the added function of a frame that works like a little shelf… could be a useful entryway landing spot for keys/wallets.



Derrington Mirror

Such a cool way to add a round mirror without adding a “mirror” — the surface of these 36-inch Anthropologie pieces is reflective, but not a traditional mirror. So you’ll see a copper or bronze-d out reflection looking back at you. Unexpected and cool, and relatively inexpensive.




Tree Ring Wall Mirror

Warm, live-edge wood meets clean mirrored glass, via West Elm. Probably not the best option for a vanity mirror, but over a dresser or to dress up a hallway, it’d definitely amp up the style in a space .




Houston Mirror

Nashville furniture shop Bliss stocks this large (40-inch) mirror made with sections of reclaimed wood — lots of warmth and character.




Pendant round mirror
$1795 – $2495

Another approach to the pendant-style mirror, this one less rustic, more modern. The Restoration Hardware piece was inspired by mid-century design, but it’d suit a space with a more industrial aesthetic too, no?




Shape Mirror, Cylinder

Germantown shop Wilder consistently finds ahead-of-the-curve pieces, so when the curve is round, they broaden into a cylinder. If deep blue is an accent color you love, this piece would make a powerful impact.

Hope this roundup gave you some inspiration and the chance to do some digital window shopping. Any home design trends catching your eye in particular lately? We’d love feedback.

If you’re looking for a new Nashville home to put your decor stamp on, we’d also love to help you find it. Reach ACRE here, or for a quick and easy way to get your househunting process started, fill out this online form.

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