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A little bit of Charleston in Nashville


As Nashville’s restaurant scene has been booming, we’ve seen chefs and concepts from all over the country pop up in Music City, from Brooklyn and Los Angeles to Chicago to Maine.

Worth noting: More and more lately, too, former Charleston residents are getting big tastes of home here in Nashville.


Charleston-to-Nashville restaurants


Among the first major Charleston players to make Nashville moves: well-known chef Sean Brock, who opened a sister location of his celebrated Charleston restaurant Husk here in 2013. Husk Nashville quickly became a rising star — GQ critic Alan Richman, who panned the original Husk, heaped praise on our location in a review titled “In Nashville, Husk is Reborn.” Brock ended up liking it here so much, he moved here, too.

Brock was followed in 2015 by Butcher & Bee, whose East Nashville stop opened in December of that year. They’re serving a mix of small plates with big flavor, and they quickly earned praise here for their “superb food in a lively atmosphere.”

This year, the Charleston influx rolls on — in June, Oak Steakhouse Nashville opened next to the Westin Hotel, at 801 Clark Place, with upscale steakhouse fare from filets to crab legs. (Our location joins other Oaks in Atlanta and Charlotte.)

Last week, restaurant and market Caviar & Bananas — launched in Charleston in 2008 — opened a Nashville location at 2031 Broadway in Midtown. (Menu options pictured above.) This one’s the largest Caviar & Bananas to date, and the first to open outside of South Carolina.

They say three makes a trend, and if we’re in the middle of a Charleston food invasion, it’s hard to complain.


Charleston-style homes are on the rise too


Alongside Charleston’s culinary influence, it feels like the city’s architecture is starting to rise up in Nashville, too.

As developers respond to Nashville’s growth by increasing density, the Charleston-style home — with its narrow and tall footprint and stylish stacked piazzas — seems to be popping up all around town.

Below, a few homes on the market now that sure seem to take influence from Charleston architecture:

Charlotte Park

508 B Eastboro Drive
Nashville, TN 37209




The Nations

5517 Kentucky Ave
Nashville, TN 37209




East Nashville

267 A Riverside Dr
Nashville, TN 37206




Shelby Hills/East Nashville

805 S 19Th St
Nashville, TN 37206



Are you a former Charlestonian looking for a new home in Nashville? We’d love to help you find it. Call or email ACRE here, or get the Nashville househunting process started by filling out this quick form.


Listings via MLS, not under agreement with ACRE and/or Benchmark Realty, LLC, except where noted.

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