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ACRE Client Spotlight: Lauren Beasley of MOVE Inclusive Dance

Photo: Stephanie Sorenson / MOVE Inclusive Dance on Facebook


Over more than 15 years in Nashville real estate, we’ve met more inspiring people than we can count — Nashville attracts fun, fascinating people, and we feel lucky that our job allows us to meet so many, and help them with one of the most impactful things in life: their homes.

That experience inspired us to share some of their stories, by launching an “ACRE Client Spotlight” feature here on our blog. We felt confident that friends, family members and former and future clients would get inspired and entertained by some of our incredible Nashville neighbors, too.

Our first “ACRE Client Spotlight”: Lauren Beasley, the founder and executive director of Nashville’s MOVE Inclusive Dance, a non-profit focused on using “the power of dance to transform the lives of individuals with special needs.” The organization launched in 2018 with a summer camp, and its success underlined the need that MOVE is filling, and inspired Lauren and her team to move forward.

In 2019, they launched a funding campaign to open Nashville’s first full-time dance studio for people with special needs. Their goal of raising $100,000 will allow MOVE Inclusive Dance to build out and market a new studio, and hire staff and consultants. If they surpass the goal, funds will go toward scholarships for students in need.

Personally, we’re moved by MOVE — below, learn a little more about the wonder woman behind the budding organization.



Lauren Beasley, bottom row second from left, with her Move Inclusive Dance crew

Q&A with MOVE Inclusive Dance’s Lauren Beasley



“Small-town Alabama”


Why Nashville?

“I moved here from New York City because I was drawn to the charm of the city. Nashville offers the perfect balance of Southern living with a city-life twist! I’ve lived in Nashville for three years, and plan to call it home for the long run.”


More about MOVE Inclusive Dance:

“(Starting MOVE Inclusive Dance) was a longtime dream of mine that I finally felt ready to make a reality. Originally, I planned to host quarterly events throughout the year, so I could continue working my full-time job at Pure Barre Nashville. In June, I launched the organization with a small summer camp that received such positive feedback, that I knew I had to take organization full-time. Now, MOVE is getting ready to open a full-time studio where we will offer year round programming to individuals with any type of special need.


“People often ask me where my inspiration for MOVE Inclusive Dance originally came from. The funny thing is… I’m not really sure! I didn’t grow up around anyone with any type of special need or disability, but I do remember always having a place in my heart for that community of people. When I was around the age of 13, my mom and I were in the car on the way home from a long afternoon of dance rehearsals — a typical day for me — and I remember asking my mom why there weren’t any dance studios for people with special needs. She replied, ‘I don’t know. Maybe you will start one some day.’ I truly believe God planted that idea in my head for a reason that day. Even though it took me over 10 years from that point to make the idea become a reality, it was always at the end of my path. I believe starting MOVE has always been my life’s purpose.”


Favorite Nashville neighborhood (and why):

“Do I have to pick just one?! East Nashville, Germantown, and The Nations all come to mind, but as an East Side resident, I guess I should go with that for my No. 1. It’s a neighborhood full of art, culture, and great food! Tons of good things happening over here.”


What I love about my home:

“The location. Since I moved here a little over two years ago, so many little gems have popped up around me. Walden, The Fox, and Pearl Diver — just to name a few!”


Go-to pro-tip for people who are thinking about buying a home in Nashville:

“Be open. When I first met with Sarah (Dargie Willis, at ACRE), I told her I was interested in looking at every neighborhood except for East Nashville… I hadn’t spent any time over here and just assumed that it wasn’t for me. But after taking one look at my condo, I knew this was the one! It had everything I was looking for and more. Now, I can’t imagine my first home being anywhere else!”



You can learn more about what Lauren and MOVE Inclusive Dance, and contribute, at the MOVE Inclusive Dance fundraising page on IFundWomen (an organization we’ve highlighted in the past too), and at If we can help you find your own piece of Nashville, contact ACRE here.

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