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Adult education programs like Nashville Community Education make learning easy and affordable

Nashville Community Education
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The most common New Year’s resolutions tend to be about health and money — exercising more, frivolously spending less. But as we move toward 2019, a lot of Nashvillians (and other Americans) are also thinking about broadening their horizons.

From YouGov stats: About 15 percent of New Year’s resolutions hover around learning a new skill. About the same percentage focuses on making new friends.

Around the ACRE Nashville office, we don’t tend to make resolutions so much as goals, and as goals, those really resonate — we all love picking up new interests and abilities, and meeting new neighbors. (It’s probably part of why we were all drawn to being Nashville Realtors, since we’re constantly learning, and constantly making new clients-turned-friends.)

If you feel that same draw, but aren’t sure what practical steps you can take, one suggestion we love to share: Nashville Community Education classes. The learning opportunities are many, and affordable, and registration for Spring 2019 is open now, and ongoing through May.


What you can learn with Nashville Community Education

Nashville Community Education

Part of the reason we tend to recommend Nashville Community Education to just about everyone: They offer approachable classes in just about everything.

Into learning a new language to expand your travels in 2019? Nashville Community Education has language classes. Feel drawn to explore art? Nashville Community Education has a slew of creative classes. Think you might want to buy a home in Nashville or 2019, and have no idea how to approach the process or how to maintain your home once you close? They have classes geared toward Nashville homebuyers’ and homeowners’ needs, too.

Just a few examples:

Basic Home Repair
This’ll cover some of the basic things you might need to tackle as a new homeowner, like replacing a faucet or repairing a drywall hole. Classes run at night once a week for seven weeks, and there are openings in January-March and March-April, for minimal cost: $109.

Beginning Guitar
Is this setting up to be the year you get super Nashville, and finally obtain some guitar-playing skills? This group class for beginners is a lot more affordable than private instruction, at $89 for almost three months, and you’ll leave with practical skills and theory knowledge.

Entrepreneurship Basics
Have a business idea that’s been on the back burner? Maybe 2019’s the year to bring it to life, with a little foundation work. This class covers the basics, from the nuts-and-bolts of filing paperwork with the Tennessee Secretary of State to business best practices and community resources for entrepreneurs.

There are dozens of other classes, running the topic gamut, held at multiple locations across town, from East Nashville to South Nashville. Take a look at all the spring 2019 Nashville Community Education offerings.

How to sign up for Nashville Community Education classes

Getting into your chosen Nashville Community Education class isn’t much more complex than grabbing a ticket on Eventbrite. Head to the online registration page for Nashville Community Education classes, explore the left-side navigation to find your class, look for “Register Now.”

Schedules differ depending on individual classes, but if you need to find a continuing education/horizons-broadening option that fits with a work schedule, there’s a great chance you’ll find one here.

Maybe we’ll see you while we’ll learning to make our own home-decor pieces or picking up some knife skills.

Let us know if you end up taking any Nashville Community Education classes — we’d love to hear about it!

And if your 2019 resolution is to become a Nashville homeowner, we’d love to help! Take a look at some Nashville homes for sale here, and reach ACRE here.

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