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‘Big Brother’ is casting in Nashville



As Nashville Realtors, we tend to be a little more focused on helping locals find, let’s say “longer-term” housing. But when the folks in control of the Big Brother house come to Nashville, we figure it’s worth passing that along to our local friends too. We’ve learned from the response to posts we’ve made about shows like Property Brothers that Nashville is not afraid of a little reality TV.

If you’re not familiar with long-running CBS reality series Big Brother: For 20-something seasons now, the Big Brother team has been choosing a cast of “HouseGuests” to lock down inside a home, completely cordoned off from the outside world, and completely surveilled and captured on video and audio, 24/7. Over the course of a season, cast members compete and some will be “evicted,” with a winner eventually emerging with a sizable cash prize ($500,000 of late, which’d buy a pretty nice house in Nashville).


Attending the Nashville ‘Big Brother’ casting call

So, the Big Brother casting details: Yes, producers are working on casting what looks like the show’s 22nd season (the 20th finished airing in September, 2018, and word is the 21st season starts airing in June, so that’d probably be all booked up and filmed by now).

That casting process brings Big Brother here to Nashville on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019, for an open casting call at gastropub Bar Louie (314 11th Ave. S., in The Gulch), from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

From the good-to-know files on the Big Brother casting site: “Applicants are not required to bring anything to the open call. Just a good attitude.”

The Nashville stop is one of many open casting calls going down this weekend and into the coming weeks across the U.S., from New York to San Diego. If you happen to be out of town/otherwise engaged this Saturday, you’ll have another relatively convenient chance to try out for the show on March 28, if you’re willing to hoof it up to Larry’s Pizza in Bowling Green, Kentucky, from 6 to 9 p.m.

You also don’t have to attend an open casting call to apply to be on Big Brother — you can do so digitally, too, by making a video and submitting it to the Big Brother casting folks online.


The fine print for ‘Big Brother’ casting hopefuls

Photo: ‘Big Brother’ on Facebook


The casting professionals choosing the next Big Brother lineup surely have their own, proprietary guidelines for why someone does and doesn’t make a prime Big Brother candidate. But the outlined specifics you’ll have to meet to be considered as an applicant:

— Be at least 21 by June 1, 2019
— Be a U.S. citizen
— Be healthy
— Be willing to move into a house in Los Angeles for at least 100 days, during a timeframe chosen by producers, and forego any expectation of privacy while you’re there
— Don’t be a candidate for public office, or at least be willing to ditch your candidacy

There are a few other expectations, which you can read on Big Brother’s list of eligibility requirements, but those are the basics.

Sound like you fit the bill? It might be worth freeing up your Saturday morning/afternoon for a little Big Brother meet-and-greet, and/or reading through the process of applying to be on Big Brother online.

Learn more about the overall Big Brother casting process here.

Prefer to live in a house in Nashville, and one that doesn’t record your every move for millions of Americans to watch? That sounds pretty reasonable too. Take a look at some Nashville homes for sale now, and contact ACRE if you need some help finding (and securing) the right new Nashville home.

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