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Celebrate the beers of yesteryear at East Nashville’s Yesterbeer Festival



Like a lot of Nashvillians, we’re big fans of the art of craft beer — big, creative flavors made by small, local breweries in particular. But sometimes it’s good to hark back to simpler times, too, to the easy-drinking beer that your Granddad cracked open on the porch.

That’s the idea behind the inaugural Yesterbeer Festival, a celebration coming up this Saturday, Nov. 12, that offers a night of paying homage to those classic, uncomplicated brews in a setting that befits them.

The party starts at 1 p.m. at the American Legion Post 82 in Inglewood (3204 Gallatin Pike), and you’ll be invited to toss back a mix of the tried-and-true standards, from Old Style, Old Tankard and Old Milwaukee to PBR and Narragansett Brewing Company.




To help complement the hops/barley and such, a bunch of food trucks will be on hand and classic pub games will be played.

Wouldn’t be a Nashville festival without live music — set to perform: Feather (The Black Crowes cover band), Sexx, American Watermelon, and Early Jones and the Mexican Space Program. Below, a little taste of what you’ll hear, with a nod toward the season that’s overstaying it’s welcome just a little bit: American Watermelon’s “Summer”:



We feel pretty confident that it’ll be a fantastic hang, too, since it’s being organized by the same folks who run the annual Thirth of July block party.

Inarguably the best part about the whole thing: Proceeds from the fest will go to benefit American Legion programs that support American heroes, our veterans.

Tickets are $30, available online through Wannado, and the festivities run from 1 until 6 p.m.

For more on the fest, head to

If you’re about to start house-hunting in Nashville, we think this fest is the perfect excuse to explore Inglewood, a part of East Nashville that, like the rest of the neighborhood, just keeps getting more fun.

If you need help seeing what’s out there, let us know — we’d love to help you find your dream home!

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