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Client of the Month! Jacob Jones

Acre Friends… Meet Jacob Jones!


Jacob and his wife Molly came to us about a year ago for assistance in purchasing their home in East Nashville.  In the past month, Jacob and company closed on another east side property to be used as an AirBnB investment.  Jacob does more than buy homes, though!  He is a creative force in Nashville dabbling in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors.

Jones moved to Nashville, Tennessee after spending time in Atlanta and a few years in New York City. He quickly founded Electric Western Productions with Reno Bo and went to work putting out records, promoting live shows, and most notoriously starting insanely popular parties. Electric Western’s flagship weekly party attracts hundreds each week and GQ Magazine called it “The Most Stylish Party in America” in 2012.

After 4 years in Nashville, Jones decided to pursue his own path.

In 2013 he founded Mountain and is now the Creative Director of Mountain’s entire team.  Mountain connects brands with audiences through unique cultural experiences and one of a kind campaigns. They’re not here just to tell stories, their work is the story.
Check out the website at

In addition to all of this, Jacob also heads the Nashville event 3rst of the Month.  What is 3rst of the Month you may ask?  Read on:

“3st is a monthly celebration of booze, food and all the good stuff in life. Every month, a different dedicated focus. One month might be all about that lovely brown elixir we call Bourbon. We’ll bring a couple cool Bourbon brands to together to share what they’ve got going on and taste what can be done with them. Another month it could be all about a Winery, a Brewery or even a single specific cocktail. We’ll take that theme and dive in deep, serving up some great drinks, good bites and exposing the invitation-only crowd to another side of this killer town.”

Find out more on the website!

Cheers to Jacob and all his creative contributions to Nashville!  Keep the good ideas coming!

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