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  • Find unique art and home goods, and support Nashville artists, with Society6

Find unique art and home goods, and support Nashville artists, with Society6

We’re always looking for unique, creative ways to decorate a home — for our own Nashville homes, and for the Middle Tennessee homes we list.

Our team has our go-to Nashville shops and maker markets, but we’re on a little Society6 kick right now, and in talking with some Nashville friends, we realized that a lot aren’t aware of just how many home-decor options you can find on there these days.

The quick Society6 rundown



If you’re not familiar or you’ve forgotten about Society6: The California-based e-tailer works with thousands of artists across the globe, who contribute artwork that Society6 turns into everything from giclée prints to throw pillows.

Early on, the site focused on art discovery, community and patronage, before it broadened to producing/selling products for its contributors. Over the years, those product offerings have ramped from prints and T-shirts to the huge variety available now, ranging from tote bags and tank tops to laptop sleeves and phone cases.

On the home-decor front, you can get Society6 contributor art printed on what feels like everything imaginable — tapestries, curtains, rugs, towels, duvet covers, wall clocks and tons more.



The one downside of Society6: too many options

There is a too-much-of-a-good-thing side to Society6 — there are so many talented artists contributing work that browsing for favorites can feel overwhelming.

They have built in a helpful interface, though, which at least points you in a direction, cutting down your options based on color schemes and style preferences (things like floral, vintage or abstract).



The really great thing about all the variety, though: When you really want pieces that won’t be found in everyone else’s home, there’s a good chance you’ll find that here.

You’re supporting independent art, too

Another side of shopping with Society6 that we really like: Independent artists are driving the designs on the site, and what you’re buying directly supports those creators. (And that includes Nashville artists and designers.)

But unlike some contributor art-led retailers, the quality at Society6 is top-notch. (We scattered a few favorites/Nashville-appropriate picks throughout this post, but they’re just a tiny sliver of what’s available.)

Explore more at — and if you have a favorite Nashville artist on there, please let us know. We love supporting locals.

Are you shopping for a new Nashville home, before you start shopping for new home goods? We’d love to help you find the perfect place. Reach ACRE here, or for an easy way to start your Nashville househunting process, fill out the quick form here.

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