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Free Five Points Pizza and our favorite on-the-go East Nashville eats

Five Points Pizza

Sure, you may only be saving four or five bucks, but there’s something about the allure of free pizza that makes East Nashville restaurant Five Points Pizza’s birthday celebrations something special. Something… worth celebrating.

Last fall, the Eastside pizza stop commemorated its third year in business by offering visitors a free slice from its then-new late-night slice window (a good friend to anyone who spends their evenings in 5 Points, say, at The 5 Spot’s Keep On Movin’ Monday night dance parties).

Five Points Pizza has now made it an annual tradition, and their fourth-birthday Free Slice Night is coming on Tuesday, September 1. If you’d like to take part, head to 1012 Woodland Street from 5 to 7 p.m., get in line by the slice window (there will definitely be a line) and offer an enthusiastic happy birthday when you get to the front and grab your slice.

Their free pizza birthday celebration brought to mind a great thing about East Nashville in 2015: There are a ton of fast, inexpensive, local and delicious on-the-go meal options in the neighborhood now, so you don’t need to go anywhere near fast food when you want something wallet-friendly to grab and go.

Along with Five Points Pizza’s slice window, here are a few grab-and-go East Nashville favorites:

Hot dog at I Dream of Weenie

(113 S 11th Street)

On-the-go, on-a-bun deliciousness — the I Dream of Weenie folks serve charcoal-grilled dogs with creative toppings on locally made buns for $2.75-$4. If you feel like getting ridiculous, the Chili Cheese Weenie is a good way to go.


Avocado taco and elote at Mas Tacos

(732 Mcferrin Avenue)

Mas Tacos
We love that Mas Tacos’ low-key and unpretentious home regularly draws in famous folks like celebrity chefs Guy Fieri and Aaron Sánchez. With tacos this good, you don’t need fancy surroundings. Given how loved Mas Tacos is, going at peak times takes the place out of the quick-meal running, but if you plan right, you can be in and out with two fantastic tacos for $6. Few more bucks for elote (delicious grilled corn), and you’re still low on price and big on taste.


Kolache at Yeast Nashville

(805 Woodland Suite 300)

Yeast Nashville
This is a breakfast or lunch option (they’re open 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.), and you’re better off going on the early side, since they sell out routinely. Makes sense — Yeast is the No. 1 (only?) place here to get kolaches, a Czech pastry that’s famous in Texas. If you show up in time/are lucky, you can snag a delicious early lunch — like a sausage and cheese stuffed kolache — for around $3.


Jamaican Curry chicken at Calypso Cafe

(301 Gallatin Avenue)

One of the few places in town you’ll find chicken that’s delicious, quick and untouched by a deep fryer. Not that there’s anything wrong with a deep fryer — sometimes you just need something a little lighter, but that still has lots of flavor. Ditto for the non-fried sides — the spiced sweet potatoes and bean and corn salad are favorites. (A quarter dark with two sides is barely over $6.)


Asian flank steak sandwich at Mitchell Delicatessen

(1306 McGavock Pike)

Mitchell’s Asian flank steak sandwich (with marinated steak, provolone and gardiniera on a hoagie) is kinda famous — it was featured on Travel Channel’s Best Sandwich in America, and host Adam Richman said it’s “absolutely undeniable” (see above). Can’t disagree, though it’s really just one on a menu of undeniable sandwiches there, most around $6 to $8. Pro tip though: At prime lunch time, though they move fast, you’ll find a line out the door, so plan accordingly.

Any on-the-go East Nashville food choices you’d add? We’d love to see your pro tips for non-locals on the move.

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