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Home design trends of 2017, from kitchens to baths to bedrooms



We’re at the top of 2017, which means the design trends of the new year are… well, they’ve been here for months, and trendspotters have been studying them since pretty much four seconds after we rung in 2016.

Styles shift fast in the fashion and design worlds, which is why it’s usually good to give yourself some time to sit with what’s bubbling up, and give your feelings time to cement — are these exciting and fresh ideas that’ll have staying power, or tomorrow’s chevron?

As the months of 2016 have gone on, we’ve been digging into home design trend predictions for 2017 to see what seems to be sticking with the most people. There is, of course, lots of differing opinion, but more often than not, what design gurus are settling on is this: 2017 is going to be about a little more experimentation, a little more individualization, and a lot more comfort.

We took our notes and broke them down room to room, tallying up what seemed to be the prevailing wisdom. You might agree with some, disagree with others, but we definitely think this is a fair view of what we’ll be seeing a lot of as we tour homes with clients in the coming year. Take a look and let us know what you think.




The consensus seems to be that an updated farmhouse style — the relaxed, homey but clean aesthetic that’s maybe most famously embodied lately by HGTV star Joanna Gaines — is having a big, ongoing moment. If you love that look and aren’t already there, there are easy and effective ways to bring that vibe into your place, from adding a sliding barn door to your pantry to adding light fixtures that lean toward rustic/industrial design.

The above property on the market now in Franklin is a good example — the architecture and siding evoke a classic farmhouse; inside, the home’s unpretentious, but still upscale.

Pictured: 624 Lockwood Lane, Lot 230, on the market now 




The style trendhunters think safe color choices like beige and white are going to get a bit of a break for a while, especially in bedrooms, where romantic colors are taking the fore — think deep and dramatic, from ruby and raspberry reds to black.

As for the bed itself, we’re going to see more upholstered headboards for softness and comfort, and our bedding’s going to get less muted too, with mixed patterns and bohemian eclecticism being at the front.

Pictured: 935 South Street, on the market now 





Clean, classic lines aren’t going away, and neither are contrasting cabinet colors — with either the bottom cabinets or island (or both) getting a personality apart from the uppers. Those contrasts, specifically: expect more white and navy blue. We’re a fan of this particular trend — the clean and bright energy of the white plays off the moody and arresting navy, and gives your kitchen more personality.

Another touch lots of people are expecting to see more of: leaving backsplashes behind in favor of a full wall of tile in the kitchen (another look we really love).

For furniture, to play off the clean lines, warm wood touches are big — definitely something to think about for bar stools and the like.

Pictured: 989 Greerland Drive, on the market now





Here too, colors are expected to get bolder, from shades of green (like Pantone’s Color Of The Year, “Greenery”) to jewel tones, like sapphire blues and amethyst purples. We expect for that to play out less in full-wall treatments, more in bolder furniture, art and accents that bring a room to life without closing it in.

Soft texture is getting a lot of love, too — especially faux fur. You don’t want to go nuts with this one and turn your living room into a zoo, but one really cool accent chair makes a big statement, and a big difference.

And although it wasn’t very long ago that we wrote about Fiddle Leaf Figs, and how it felt like their popularity was lasting forever… style hunters are thinking they’re finally waning, with unique terrarium planters and climbing plants becoming the living-living room decor of the moment.

Pictured: 1112 Chapel Avenue, on the market now 





When you sit down to your family dinner, predictions are that it’ll be among more natural, outdoorsy elements — less antiseptic, more, well, farmhouse-y. Cozy wood farmhouse tables, organic shapes (like wallpaper with natural images, or wall treatments with organic textures)… that kind of thing. To play off that, acrylic is on the rise too, so we might see more ghost chairs pulled up to chunky wood tables.

Pictured: 4969 Tyne Ridge Court, on the market now 





Almost across the board, home decor experts tipped toward marble, particularly in light and white tones, for countertops and wall cladding (tabletops too). There were a lot of mixed feelings about metals, but copper and brass still got a lot of votes, especially when paired up with marble.

For floors, wood-look tiles are still gaining ground, bringing warmth and timeless appeal while still feeling fresh. Geometric tiles (like larger hex tiles) are on the rise too, especially when they have really unique patterns to play with.

Pictured: 1421 Porter Road, on the market now (this one is our listing)


How do you feel about these aesthetics? Could you see adopting some? Ignoring others? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


If 2017 is looking like the year you start househunting (or getting ready to sell, or both) in/near Nashville, let us know — we’d love to help!


Listings via MLS, not under agreement with ACRE and/or Benchmark Realty, LLC, except where noted.

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