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Hot Nashville

Could Nashville Get Any Hotter?

The short answer is…yes.

Last week, it was reported that tech giant Oracle is potentially planning a campus along the East Bank of the Cumberland River. If the West Coast company’s plan to open a major office in Nashville moves forward, that could mean jobs for 2,500 people locally by the end of 2027, with a goal of 8,500 positions filled by 2031. This is, no doubt, huge news for Tennessee–especially rapidly-growing Nashville.

Even though the pandemic led to an economic slowdown across the country, the housing demand has remained high in Tennessee’s capital.  Nashville has continued to experience an influx of buyers from larger markets such as New York, California, and Seattle. At the end of 2020, Nashville’s housing market saw an increase of about 20% in overall sales compared to the previous year, and home value had nearly doubled.

It is no secret that Nashville’s booming real estate market has opened doors for investment opportunities over the past few years. Should Oracle, in fact, set up shop in Nashville, this will only add to the housing market growth. Now is the time to seize the opportunity to invest in one of the hottest markets in the country.

Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Art is a Cornerstone of the Living Experience

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition – Chicago

It has long been said that a strong art scene is a crucial component of a global city. If the sold out Picasso exhibition at the Frist Art Museum is any indication, Nashville can sit back, relax for a bit, and enjoy its seat at the cultural table.

Heading to Nashville the end of this year is the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition that has taken the world by storm. While the location for this blockbuster show has not been released yet, tickets are selling quickly. Be sure to grab your ticket(s) for the opportunity to step inside the incredible post-Impressionist works of Van Gogh before this exhibition sells out as well.

Outdoor Entertaining

After so much time at home this last year, we could all use a break from the mowing, weeding, and raking, and a getaway to a backyard oasis.

This Kingston Spring home pictured checks off a number of ideas that instantly transform backyards into luxurious retreats: al-fresco dining, outdoor room just for leisure, a yard for playing, pool, etc. But what are 5 things perfect outdoor entertaining spaces do that are timeless and easy to adapt to most any home?

• They Function Like Indoor Spaces
• They Create Privacy Without Blocking Light
• They Find Clever Ways to Provide Shade
• They Use Lots of Windows — and Big Ones
• They Take ‘Entertaining Outdoors’ Seriously

Remember, outdoor entertaining space should do just that–entertain. Enjoy a fun summer season!

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