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Igloo yourselves together this winter at the Bobby Hotel in downtown Nashville

Photos: @bobbyhotel on Instagram


This time of year in Nashville, we’re all inundated with opportunities to celebrate the season, and Nashville being a top-notch hospitality town, most of those holiday-partying options are decently appealing. But this winter, the Bobby Hotel’s really managed to stand out, by creating a “rooftop wonderland” in their lounge that we can’t get out of our collective heads.

The downtown Nashville boutique hotel, which opened earlier this year, has been earning high marks for big style, quality food and creative accoutrements — there’s a full-size bus in the rooftop lounge that you can sit and have a cocktail in, for one. So, obviously, for the year-end entertaining season, they were bound to make things interesting. Enter the igloos.

Up on the rooftop lounge, the Bobby folks have created a holiday-season hangout that’s tough to resist, with a cluster of private, heated “igloos” that’ll stylishly and snugly cloister you and friends off for spiked hot chocolate and conversation, while still letting you gaze out at the Nashville skyline, and, if you choose, wander over to a nearby firepit for more wintery vibes.


How to get into one of Bobby’s igloos

The details about rooftop igloo-ing at Bobby: They’re open to everyone, including Bobby guests and everyday Nashvillians (so long as you’re 21 or over), and getting in one is largely first-come, first-served, though reservations are available. To guarantee your spot, there are food and beverage minimums — or 615-600-5400 will get you the full picture of cost and availability, and your reservation.

Each rooftop igloo can comfortably accommodate eight people (though the Bobby folks say 10 can happen if you’re OK with snuggling in). Igloo hours: 4 to 10 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, 4 to 11 Thursday through Saturday.

If the photos here (from Bobby’s Instagram feed) have you as full of winter-wonderment as we were, catch up: @bobbyhotel and (Bobby is located at 230 Fourth Ave. N.)

If you make it by, please tag us in your igloo selfies at @acrestate — we’d love to see your yuletide cheer.

And if Bobby’s rooftop spot makes you determined to get a rooftop lounge/deck of your own, please reach out — we’d love to help you find a new Nashville home that fulfills all your entertainer/hangout dreams. Take a look at some homes for sale in Nashville with rooftop perks here, and reach ACRE here.

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