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Juicing on the East Side

Although I have a hard time committing to a juice only plan; I’ve grown really found of juicing. It’s refreshing – knowing exactly what you are putting in your body and knowing you are giving it the nutrients it is craving and nothing else. So in December I broke out the juicer, went to my local grocery store and loaded up. The check out lady asked me if I found everything I needed- looking at me crazy because my cart was full of fruits, veggies, and ginger.

Yes, ma’am. Juice for days- here we go. My inspiration came from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, a documentary about people regaining their health by juicing. I had to give it a shot. My goal was 3 days of juicing only. This is what I learned. Juicing is not enough for me, but with broth based soup I made it through. I also learned that some of these juices taste amazing-  especially when they are supplemented and not my main meal.

Breakfast Day 1

juicing breakfast


Dinner Day 2



juicing dinner


The Clean Green – my favorite


the clean green

So these days, I enjoy a good juice. When I’m not at home, my favorite spot for a juice right now is Lynne Lorraine’s in East Nashville. It is a quick walk from my office, the staff is super friendly, and they make the juice right before you. You really need to try the Forty Weight – kale, cucumber, apple, mango, pineapple, and High Garden green tea match. AMAZING.  Open from 7 – 4 pm and located in the Fatherland District by 5 Points- it is really a great place to reenergize. If you call ahead, they will even have your juice waiting for you. So forget those long lines for coffee and swing by Lynne Lorraine’s. I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Check out their current juice menu here



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