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Learn the history of Middle Tennessee with ‘Images of America’ books

Middle Tennesseans tend to get pretty attached to our neighborhoods and towns — we have glossy magazines dedicated specifically to East Nashville and West Nashville, and it isn’t hard to find Mount Juliet T-shirts or see framed 12 South posters on neighbors’ 12 South walls

It’s true of lots of areas, but at least from our vantage point as Nashville Realtors, there’s a special attachment here, in no small part because Nashville neighborhoods and Middle Tennessee towns have uniquely defined personalities, and uniquely interesting histories.

Better know your Middle Tennessee town

Not too familiar with the history of your particular corner of Middle Tennessee? There’s an easy way to brush up: the Images of America book series.

The series isn’t new — Arcadian Publishing has been issuing books like these for decades. But new titles are added all the time (between Arcadia and its sister company The History Press, 900 a year), digging deeper and deeper into various cities’ histories, including many in the Nashville area.

The ‘Images of America’ approach

Reading about your area’s history is moving; seeing photo captures that show you exactly what life was like for residents, what the streets you walk down daily once looked like — it’s that much more engaging and illuminating.

That’s why these books take a show-and-tell approach, with hundreds of historical photos spotlighted and explained, plus personal memories and stories from local experts who are intimately connected to the area they’re sharing.

Middle Tennessee towns and neighborhoods you can learn about

The Images of America series is flush with Middle Tennessee books, from Davidson to Williamson and Rutherford counties. A few of our favorites:

Images of America: East Nashville 

Images of America: Nashville’s Inglewood 

Images of America: Franklin 

Images of America: Lebanon 

Images of America: Smyrna 

Images of America: Mount Juliet 

Images of America: Around Gallatin and Sumner County 

Images of America: Murfreesboro 

Beyond location-based history, the series also digs into particular parts of our area’s culture, from arts movements to culinary ones. Some of what’s covered:

Images of America: Nashville Music in the Days Before Country 

Images of America: Nashville’s Jewish Community 

Images of America: Nashville Brewing 

There’s lots more; you can search for topics here.

Are you a Middle Tennessee expert?

Wishing more people could learn about your neighborhood’s history? If you have expertise to share, pitch the Images of America publisher on telling your home’s stories. We’d love to see more Nashville neighborhoods pop up in the series, since there’s lots to know, and lots to tell.

Visit the Arcadia Publishing website to learn more about Images of America.

Are you searching for a new home in a Middle Tennessee town or Nashville neighborhood that you’ve fallen in love with? We’d love to help you track down the perfect place. Reach ACRE here, or for an easy way to get your Nashville househunting process started, fill out this quick form.

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