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  • Nashville apartments and condos have you struggling with furniture that fits? Floyd might have your answer.

Nashville apartments and condos have you struggling with furniture that fits? Floyd might have your answer.

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One of the most common questions we get when we help people buy a home in Nashville? “Where should we go to buy furniture?” And as more and more buyers are choosing cozier Nashville condos and townhomes in close-in Nashville neighborhoods, that’s shifting to, “Where can I find furniture that’ll fit in smaller spaces, and move easily?”

First question, we have lots of answers to: We love Royal Circus in Wedgewood Houston, and Bliss Home near Melrose, Dashwood Vintage in Donelson, Head Springs Depot in Franklin and so many other spots. Point to a neighborhood and we’ll likely have a suggestion.

The latter question, though, has always been tough. Furniture that’ll work in a smaller room, maybe fit up a narrow stairwell, definitely be easy to move, but still look great? It can be a tall order to conveniently fill cozy spaces.

Needless to say, although we always aim for shopping local in Nashville, we’re intrigued by Detroit-bred furniture company Floyd, whose furniture designs — from couches to tables — were created with small spaces and easy moving in mind.


How Floyd furniture pieces can fit in your Nashville condos or apartments

The things that initially caught our attention about Floyd’s sofas, in particular: With fluffy cushions and stain-resistant fabric in cool colors, and classic lines that could fit in a midcentury or contemporary home just the same, they’re aesthetically pleasing, immediately. But the big bonus: You can take them apart.

To reiterate: You can break down your actually nice-looking sofa into pieces, so it’s easy to carry up two-story condo stairs, or in your apartment elevator, or from your temporary rental into the new townhome you just bought. And then you can put it back together and flop down to prep-binge #ForTheThrone.

They make two-seaters, three-seaters and sectionals, and we really like the birch base with Lunar Grey fabric — nice warm pop of wood, neutral color that won’t show stains too easily and, if you decide to list your Nashville home for sale, would be solid for www.

As for the assembly: The Floyd FAQ spells out the process, and if you’re comfortable turning a few knobs, inserting a few pins and tightening a bolt or three, a Floyd couch should be far less scary than any IKEA adventure. They ship free, too.


Floyd solutions for all your Nashville rooms

Floyd grew up out of its first creation: the clean, minimal Floyd Leg, which functions a lot like a basic clamp, and makes it so you can turn any flat surface into a cool, one-of-a-kind table.

The positive response to that furniture flexibility led to what the company offers now, including hardware that’ll let you take a similarly creative approach with your bed, a sleek and simple desk for your Nashville home office and more.

Check out the full rundown of Floyd furniture at, and grab a little inspiration for outfitting your Nashville apartment, condo, townhome or house without having to enlist a box truck or a bunch of movers to do so.

Need to find that Nashville condo or townhome before you start shopping for furniture? Please let us know if we can help! Take a look at some homes for sale in Nashville here, and reach our Nashville real estate agents here.

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