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Nashville-area examples of the most popular and fastest growing architectural styles

A photo by Valentina Locatelli.


A recent Realtor mag study gave some interesting insight into the architectural styles that are gaining (or maintaining) popularity in the United States.

Some of what they found echoed our experiences as Realtors — we’ve definitely seen an uptick in interest in modern-looking, energy-efficient homes, and it definitely didn’t surprise us to see that the most popular home style in more than half the 50 states was the cute and classic ranch.

Other things caught us by surprise, which may be a function of the fact that we specifically focus on Nashville-area real estate, and something like, say, the apparently very valuable Pueblo style, is more popular in the Southwest than here.

The particularly cool thing about this study, though, is that it doesn’t just show what architectural styles are currently fetching the highest median prices — it also gives us a look at what’s growing. Mediterranean architecture might be grabbing the most money, but the median list price of modern homes has jetted up 37 percent since 2012, and bungalows have shot up almost 30 percent. Take a look at an infographic of the breakdown here:




We looked through the Nashville-area home listings and picked out some properties that reflect a few of the most valued and some of the fastest-growing home styles. (Get more info about the study at Realtor mag’s website.) Take a look at our finds:



355 Jones

355 Jones Pkwy
Brentwood, TN 37027

Mediterranean and Spanish-style architecture topped the median-price list ($749,900 was the number), and this luxury property in Brentwood shows off the key elements of that world of design — the telltale red tile roof, warm stucco exterior, artful arches, romantic balconies and other details that evoke a gorgeous Tuscan villa. This particular property is a true picture of Hollywood Hills dreams, with ornate, upscale details throughout its 10,000-plus square feet, from the chef’s kitchen to the homey game room, glamorous cinema space and expansive outdoor entertaining area. With more than an acre in one of the most desired parts of Middle Tennessee, too, you can see where the $2.6 million asking price comes from.



6112 California

6112 B California Ave
Nashville, TN 37209

The median price for a modern property was still pretty far up there — in the fourth slot, at $425,850 — but the most interesting aspect was how quickly the style is growing. A 37 percent jump in popularity since 2012 is definitely a telling thing, and if you look around Nashville neighborhoods, from East Nashville to Germantown, you’ll definitely see that surge bearing out in what’s being built and bought. New construction in The Nations has tended to recall classic architecture, but we’re starting to see more modern builds there too, like this 3-bed, 3-bath home. Sharp exterior angles meet sleek stone fireplace surrounds, metal railings and cool, covered outdoor space at this property.




3504 Murphy

3504 Murphy Rd
Nashville, TN 37205

The bungalow’s charm is hard to deny, so the consistent popularity makes sense — especially in a place like Nashville, where Southern friendliness makes those characteristic front porches a perfect warm welcome. The Realtor piece says that median bungalow prices have shot up almost 30 percent since 2012, and that was little surprise. This historic charmer in Historic Richland, built in 1929, gives you lots of bungalow touchstones, from the porch and dormer to the built-ins in the dining room, which, even if you’re not fond of the bold color, are 100 percent cute-and-classic bungalow.




214 3rd Ave S

214 3rd Ave S
Franklin, TN 37064

When simplicity isn’t really your thing, Victorian architecture calls to you, with its regal towers and hooded windows and other decorative, ornamental details. The study found Victorians kind of in the middle of the pack, but with significant growth — 14 percent. In the Nashville area, a well-kept historic Victorian home has long been a serious — and fittingly hard-to-find — prize. A few areas have exquisite representations, like Historic Edgefield in East Nashville and Historic Downtown Franklin in Williamson County. This stunning, circa-1881 home is found in the latter area, and although it’s been renovated extensively (modern kitchen and bathrooms), the original charm is plentiful, from woodwork and 13-foot ceilings to six absolutely gorgeous fireplaces.




517 Wagon Ct

517 Wagon Ct
Nashville, TN 37221

It’s easy to mix and mash up modern and contemporary homes, since there’s definite overlap. Usually you’ll see a similar embrace of clean lines and emphasis on big, statement making-windows, but with contemporary homes, you tend to also see more natural materials, more playfulness and more humanness, often a more pointed focus on integrating with the landscape, too. You can see all that here in this 1976 contemporary in the Walnut Hill area of Bellevue, from the prominence of glass in the front facade to the way the home gently carves into its green and lush piece of property. That front door, too: bold and awesome.


Is your favorite style of house rising in popularity across the country? Do your tastes lean toward something different? Either way, we’d love to help you find a place that perfectly suits your tastes. If you’re shopping for a home in the Nashville area, reach out and tell us about what you need!

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