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Nashville-bred smart tracker ANKR keeps you from losing important stuff, like your new house’s keys


If you read our post last month about iFundWomen Nashville, a crowdfunding platform for women-led businesses, you know how we feel about Nashville entrepreneurs. Any time we come across a locally bred version of something we’re shopping for, we’re thrilled to support neighbors.

Given the fact that we’re a Nashville real estate team, we’re also always looking for cool closing gifts that have a sense of place, personality and style, and when possible, maybe some usefulness too.

So we were happy to stumble on ANKR, a Nashville-born company that developed blue-tooth trackers to keep you from losing all your important everyday stuff, from your wallet to those new keys you’re handed on closing day.


Why we like ANKR, aside of the fact that they’re neighbors



First plus for ANKR in the tracker market: They’re designed to warn you before you lose something, not just help you locate your keys somewhere in the wilds of a National Park after you’ve gone hiking.

The device links up with your smartphone, so when you/your phone and your keys get separated, you’ll get a quick warning, reminding you to go back and pick them up. Easy, helpful. The video above lays out how it works.

The other thing that grabbed us: They’re totally customizable.




We live in a creative city, and style is important to us personally and professionally. We gear our closing-gift choices to the personalities of our individual clients, and over the course of shopping for a home in Nashville with them, we usually get to know their style pretty well. So it’s nice to know we can grab a helpful gift that we can also tailor-make to match what they like, whether it’s a photo of their family or a particular design aesthetic.

We also like the idea of being able to give ANKRs with the ACRE logo as business gifts. People might like a koozie that keeps a Coke cold, but something that stops them from having to frantically look for their house and car keys when they’re rushing to get out the door? Way easier to get attached to.

Check out our Nashville neighbors at if this grabs your interest, and if an ANKR tracker ends up saving you from losing your stuff, please share with us — we love happy endings.

Are you about to start on the path toward those new keys by looking to buy a new home in Nashville? Let us know if we can help you track down the perfect place.

A really easy way to start your Nashville househunting process: Fill out this quick and easy “Buy a home in Nashville” form.

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