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Nashville homes with dynamic dining spaces, on the market now



Even if for most of the year you’re more than cool with having dinner on the couch to accompany a little wind-down binge-watching, this time of year, a dining area usually becomes some of your home’s most precious square footage.

If you’re the designated host in your family — or you’re just starting to build new family traditions — you want everyone to feel comfortable and connected at the Thanksgiving dinner table. And as a homeowner, you probably want to feel inspired by your space, too.

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, we thought it’d be inspirational and informational to share a peek at some Nashville dining spaces that have some seriously attractive attributes, whether it’s historic charm or modern moods.

Here are five of our favorites, on the market now:

Dynamic Nashville dining areas

Maplewood dining
609 Maplewood Ln
Nashville, TN 37216
PRICE: $469,900

A total renovation of a historic home — this one’s in Maplewood/East Nashville, and the 1935 property was given a midcentury makeover that’s big on style. I love how bright and open everything is, and how the waterfall countertop on the kitchen island gives a subtle sense of separation from the dining area. This space would be so effortless to entertain in.



Lillian dining
1408 Lillian St.
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $649,900

We’re suckers for details. The high wainscoting in this brand new Lockeland Springs home in East Nashville makes the room feel cozier, makes the ceilings feel even taller and makes the light walls pop. The light fixture brings in more classic style, too. Cute as can be.



granny white
4120 Granny White Pike
Nashville, TN 37204
PRICE: $659,900

Dining room statement walls that make a classic and classy statement, lit by the tall and gorgeous wall of windows in the living area — this new Lipscomb/Green Hills construction has some truly spectacular design touches that’d make anyone proud to entertain at home.


White dining
2006 White Ave
Nashville, TN 37204
PRICE: $699,900

This 1930 home in Waverly/Melrose was totally renovated too, and they kept some fantastic historic touches while bringing in new finishes that tie everything together. That fireplace in the dining area is so cute, and so cozy, and on the other side of it, facing the kitchen? A porch swing. Old South and new South in one beautiful package.



12th St dining
122 S 12th St
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $1,250,000

You’re not going to see the match of this restored 1899 East Nashville Victorian too many times in your life. Between the 12-foot ceilings, seven fireplaces and ornate woodwork, there’s almost too much to freak out over. Picture a big, beautiful banquet table in this space above. If you love historic homes, this is the dream.


So what do you think, any loves on our list? Have a different set of preferences when it comes to dining rooms/dining areas? We’d love to hear what you think. And if you’re looking for the perfect home to entertain in around the holidays, let us know — we can help you find it.

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