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Nashville’s a leading city for rental income



Things in Nashville continue to boom on a lot of levels — the housing market remains “red hot,” the job market’s been ranked third in the country and then there’s on-the-rise tourism (annual visitors rose last year to to 13.1 million, from 11.6 million in 2012).

That last part’s had a warming effect on the short-term rental market in Nashville, too. TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals listed out the top cities in America to own a home if you’re looking to make extra rental income, and Nashville was No. 3, trailing two Florida beach cities.

It certainly isn’t unusual for Nashville homeowners to use extra space as a short-term rental, and more and more, the possibility is something buyers are considering when looking for a home.

Has a potential income space crossed your mind while making a new-home must-have list? We looked around at some homes on the market with bonus square footage, and here are a few of our favorites:



Bowling Avenue
104 Bowling Ave
Nashville, TN 37205
PRICE: $575,000

The main living space in this Historic Richland bungalow is bright and welcoming, with tons of historic detail. Above the garage, there’s a fantastic 1-bedroom guest suite that’s spacious and stylish.



1404 Ordway Pl
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $469,900

When people come to visit Nashville, chances that they’d jump at the chance to stay in East Nashville are high. This 1920s brick bungalow in Lockeland Springs not only has a separate upstairs apartment, but an inground pool, too.




910 Woodmont Blvd
Nashville, TN 37204
PRICE: $650,000

With stone walls and cool contemporary design, the full daylight basement apartment in this Green Hills/Woodmont home is a pretty incredible selling feature.



1107 Chickering Park Dr
Nashville, TN 37215
PRICE: $649,500

This cute Forest Hills ranch gives you a chance to put people up without them putting you out — it has a totally separate three-room suite.


Caveat: There are laws and rules governing short-term rentals in Nashville, and you’d need to research and abide by them. The Airbnb site has some info. These particular places may or may not be suitable. They all, however, have great spaces to stash friends and family, so they’ll never have to look for a rental when they come to visit.
Are you hunting for a place with extra space for guests, in-laws or friendly Nashville visitors? Give us a call or email and tell us about what you’re looking for!

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