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Nashville’s own Food Network Star, Arnold Myint

Arnold Myint

Nashville’s had no shortage of reality competition show contenders, from Survivor hopefuls to The Voice achievers.

But there’s something particularly exciting about watching one of our neighbors making waves on the Food Network’s Guy Fieri-launching Food Network Star — which Nashville chef Arnold Myint is doing right now, competing as part of the season 11 cast.

Even folks who really can’t stand reality TV tend to be open to food shows, maybe just because food is something we all have in common. It’s also easy to root for Arnold because, if you go out to eat at all in Nashville, there’s a good chance you’ve tried his food. He’s not just leading one restaurant, but a growing mini-empire of globe-spanning flavors, so you’re bound to run into something he’s worked on, even if you’re not trying.

Plus, if you happened to catch the Nashville chef on Season 7 of Top Chef, you know he was robbed, and is due some TV redemption.

You can watch Arnold compete on Food Network Star Sundays at 8 p.m. Central, but if you want to get a more local view of his talents, here’s a quick primer on the Arnold Myint empire:


2017 Belmont Blvd., Nashville (Belmont)


This Asian-inspired sushi, bistro and bar spot is Arnold’s first restaurant, a Nashville food mainstay and a longtime favorite of hungry Belmont students. Its menu gives a sense of how Arnold plays with different flavors and approaches, with items like sushi pizza and Thai salsa nachos. The “PM” in PM stands for International Market owner Patti Myint, the restaurant’s “culinary inspiration” (and Arnold’s mom).


blvd Nashville

2013 Belmont Blvd., Nashville (Belmont)


Two doors down from PM, Arnold’s bistro, bar and market blvd shares lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch, from burgers and hot dogs to smoked duck breast. A cool thing for diners who miss the restaurant that formerly lived here, Arnold’s small plates place Cha Chah, a few of the favorites carried through, like the utterly amazing brussels sprouts.


Suzy Wong’s House of Yum

1517 Church St., Nashville (Midtown)

suzy wong

Suzy is Arnold’s “Cocktail Queen” alter ego, and the namesake of his creative and casual Asian restaurant. Here, you can grab dishes that are more familiar (Lo Mein) and a little left of center (sriracha Buffalo fries).


Show Pony Wine

Show Pony Wine

When you’re running several restaurants and building a rep as a celeb chef, why not add wine magnate to the list? Arnold’s started on that path with private label Show Pony Wine (made by northern California’s Bella Grace Vineyards), which you can try at his restaurants.

Help us cheer on the hometown chef this season, and let us know if you have any favorite Arnold Myint menu creations!

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