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New East Nashville fitness spots that can help you burn off holiday bloat



We can’t wait to meet up with people we love this week and begin the monthlong adventure of holiday overeating — some years, we might try to dial it back a little, but 2016’s been a doozy, so bring on the nog.

As always, you have to pay for your excesses, so we’re bracing ahead of time for the fitness extravaganza that will follow, too.

Luckily, the neighborhood we spend a ton of time in — East Nashville — has had a rapid influx of new fitness options lately, with more to come soon. They’re all different, with varied approaches and appeals, so we’re weighing out options.

The neighborhood has quite a few existing businesses too, from multiple yoga studios and a Barre studio to a CrossFit gym.

We’re big on supporting new Nashville businesses, so we’re excited to see how the new faces fit in. Feel like joining our decision process? Check out some new/coming-soon fitness spaces in East Nashville below, and let us know what sounds appealing to you in the comments!

New fitness options in East Nashville



Well Body Pilates 
1000 Fatherland Street, #202

This one’s the oldest of the newbies we’ve noticed — “boutique movement studio” Well Body Pilates opened in the Shoppes on Fatherland in April, offering solo/duet sessions and group classes focused on full-body Pilates and Gyrotonic workouts. If you have no experience with either, they have an Intro Package to get you acquainted with the approaches, which work on building up your core and improving strength, balance and flexibility. Check out for more.



Margaret Maddox Family YMCA Urban Park 
2624 Gallatin Road

The Margaret Maddox Family YMCA in Inglewood is a long-established East Nashville fitness option. (Side note, we just listed a super-cute Inglewood cottage, just up the way.) But this past June, it got even better for local fitness hunters and nature boys/girls: They took an overgrown thicket and turned it into a new urban park and trail, with fitness stations and greenspace, to be used by Y members and East Nashville community members alike. The incoming winter weather might not make that seem like the #1 choice right now, but there’s plenty of inside fitness to get into in the meantime. Or you could wait for spring to roll in again, and explore the outdoor exercise offerings without spending a dime.


Quantify Fitness
224 S 11th St.

Way short on time? You might want to explore brand-new studio Quantify Fitness, which touts “a unique, slow-motion, high-intensity resistance training method” that they say can give you measurable results with as little as 10 minutes a week.

Their explanation: “ARX is the first exercise technology created that safely and perfectly accommodates any user’s force output, measuring it accurately throughout the entire range of motion while using tracking software to provide motivation and quantify progress over time. By utilizing a motorized drive system, ARX equipment delivers perfectly-matched resistance 100% of the time. Unlike metal weights that fail to accommodate your changing levels of strength, the resistance provided by ARX can never be excessive or inadequate.”

Kinda sounds too good to believe for the time-crunched fitness-seeker, but they offer two free workouts to start, as a seeing/believing intro. Check out for more.



Verticity Indoor Cycling Studio
1006 Fatherland, #208

For those of us who prefer getting our exercise on two wheels, the turn in weather this time of year makes things a little less pleasant. (As opposed to the turn in weather during the summer, which makes things really, really unpleasant.) That’s where a place like Verticity Indoor Cycling Studio comes in. Their instructors will help you make the most of your time in the seat, all year long, and keep you motivated with tips, encouragement and fist-pump-friendly musical accompaniment. The Verticity team is setting up inside one of East Nashville’s many new construction projects, Farrow at Five Points (on Russell Street between 10th and 11th). But while that home is still being built, they’ve opened up a temporary pop-up studio, Verticity Underground, in the Shoppes on Fatherland, so you can try out the workouts now. Drop by for more.



Title Boxing East Nashville
605 Gallatin

A workout that’ll help you get out your aggression at the same time: Title Boxing is getting ready to open an East Nashville location (estimated date is December 6), and there, you’ll be able to work with trainers on “a true boxer’s workout.” It’s not just learning to throw a packed punch (though that’s one of the benefits) — you’re doing what boxers do to tone and strengthen, from your arms and legs to your back and core. Hit the Title Boxing East Facebook page for more.


Particularly intrigued by any/many of these? New fitness spaces in other parts of town you think we should consider? We’d love your feedback.


And if you’re looking for a new home near any of the places we mentioned here, we have some spectacular East Nashville listings right now, from renovated historic homes to big, brand-new construction that we’d love to show you too!

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