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Now’s your chance to be a radio DJ in Nashville


In the age of Podcasts and Instagram stories, getting your ideas and your cultural passions out there isn’t particularly difficult. But there’s still something special about taking to the radio airwaves — an enduring piece of human interaction that harks back to the past while chronicling the present and pointing toward the future.

In 2016, the radio landscape in Music City got a lot more eclectic and interesting, and a lot more reflective of the community as a whole, as freeform, “Low Power, High Voltage” station WXNA-FM launched with a broad mix of shows, broadcasting at 101.5 FM. Old-timey music, jazz, funk, chats with comics, talk shows with visual artists, segments focused on real people doing real work to improve our city — the WXNA schedule has covered a fascinatingly diverse array of what makes Nashville tick, culturally, a talented crew of hometown DJs keeping us entertained and informed with shows focused on their interests and passions.

That feel like a job you could do similarly well? Now’s your time: WXNA is accepting applications for its Fall 2018 DJ Training Class until July 22. Accepted applicants will learn the ins and outs of working in the studio, then get worked into the pool of sub DJs currently on the air.

Come fall, many of those graduating trainees will also get to helm their own show — self-designed and self-propelled, and through that, further coloring in the Nashville tableau that is WXNA’s programming.


How to apply to be a WXNA DJ


The application process for WXNA DJ training is fairly simple — head to the WXNA website for the paperwork you’ll need to fill in, and prep yourself to create a sample recording based on the kind of show you’d like to create. (Talk-show hosts will need to deliver some appropriate talk, and read a sample PSA; music hosts need to pull together a talk break with song announcements and added details, plus a PSA).

The key beyond the basic application materials: Being committed to becoming an active part of the WXNA community. DJs there do a lot more than just host shows — there’s a share of volunteering to boost the listener-supported station, from events to fundraising to office detail, and everyone plays a part. So you’ll want to bear that commitment in mind before you put your name and your proposed show in the running.

We were fittingly excited around WXNA’s launch, and we’re just as excited to see what kind of new blood comes around after the WXNA DJ trainee search wraps.

Learn more at, and if you’re not already familiar with the Nashville radio station, take a listen through that website or at 101.5 FM.

To follow along with the latest WXNA happenings, follow the station on Facebook and on Instagram.

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