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Open House tips for Nashville buyers

Open House Tips for buyers

We shared some info earlier this week about the new East Nashville development Sevier Park at 18th and Sevier Street, and the three, 3-bedroom phase 1 homes that just went on the market.

This Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m., we’ll be hosting open houses at 807 S 18th Street, 1801A Sevier Street and 1801B Sevier Street, and if you’ve been looking for beautiful new construction in East Nashville, we’d love to see you there.

As we’re getting ready for the open houses, we thought we’d share some thoughts on open houses in general.

If you’re starting (or are in the middle of) your search, here are a few things worth keeping in mind as you explore:


Before the Open House


online info

Your buyer agent can help give you the details you need about the homes you’re heading to. You can also refresh/remind yourself about the finer points online — take a look at a listing on the ACRE site, and you’ll be able to double-check square footage, room dimensions, how long the home has been on the market and lots more. This way, you’re going into your exploration armed with info that’ll help you know whether your dining table will fit or if the home’s zoned for the elementary school you like. You can also look at similar homes nearby, to get a rough sense of how the place you’re looking at compares.


If you’re house hunting right now, you know the Nashville housing market is extremely competitive. It’s not remotely unusual for a home in desirable neighborhoods to have multiple offers over asking within days. So if you fall in love, moving fast is worthwhile. To make that happen, having a great team in place helps. That means a capable and local market-smart Realtor (we’d encourage you to choose the ACRE team, of course), a lender (getting pre-approved is great), inspector and title company at the ready, so when you’re ready to pull the trigger, things can get moving, fast.

During the open house



Don’t feel the need to rush through the front door — walk around the property and get a sense of the pros and challenges, like the awesome back deck or the not-so-awesome back deck that may need rebuilding.


If there are info sheets out, take one with you — it’ll give you something of an info map while you’re touring, and help refresh details while you’re going over pros and cons later. It’s also a handy place to take notes to help remind you of what you did and didn’t love. If you’re really detail-oriented, bring the tape measure and scribble down whether your headboard fits between those two windows.


The Listing Agent is there to help and answer questions, so take the opportunity. If you’re thinking the home might be a fit, consider asking about the average utility bills, how quick of a closing the seller is looking for, the age of the roof and major systems like the HVAC, and what kitchen appliances are included. You or your agent may also ask about any offers — if you’re considering making an offer, it’s info that’ll help you present your best one.


This goes for house hunting on the whole, but always good to remember: Try to look past things like paint colors that aren’t your taste, heavy drapes that block the light or large furniture that makes a room feel crowded. Those are easy things to change. Focus on the space, the flow, the location — the points that are harder (or impossible) to change.

After the Open House



Had a good feeling about the home? If you have time and you’re not already familiar with the neighborhood, do a little wandering. If you see some neighbors and feel comfortable chatting them up, they might share some first-hand experience about what it’s like to live there. Besides giving you a sense of a community you’re considering, neighborhood exploration tends to be fun, too.

Hope these tips offered some food for thought. If you have any questions — or need some help on your house hunt — reach out to the ACRE team. We’d be happy to help!

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