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Pantone’s color of 2016, in Nashville home design


Pantone — pretty much the world’s established authority on color popularity — released its Color of 2016 this week, and it was something of a surprise, in that it’s two colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

The soft pink and blue hues immediately got a lot of people thinking about baby nurseries, but there’s definitely more possibility in these pastels, on the home design front, if you use them right.

Need to see that in practice? We picked out a few homes on the market in the area that picked up pops of color that reside somewhere near Rose Quartz and Serenity. (Pantone would probably say these tones are worlds away, but we think they’re at least in the general vicinity, and offer an idea of how these feminine, soft colors of 2016 can add something special to a home’s design.)



Thomas935 A Thomas Ave
Nashville, TN 37216
PRICE: $320,000

Contrasting front door color can really bring a lot of personality to a property’s curb appeal, and the soft blue on this East Nashville home does the job well, popping out from the neutral exterior color in a charming way. Notice next door, too — that door might be a little more peach than Rose Quartz, but it’s a great example of how those color families marry.


Rudolph406 A Rudolph Ave
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $469,900

A soft blue and a soft shade of pink, playing off each other on an East Nashville home’s exterior. The color scheme not only stands out surrounded by the greens and browns of the landscaping, but it gives the home a sweet storybook cottage vibe, doesn’t it?


Laurent St1218 Laurent St
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $459,900

You can bring some color into your kitchen design and still keep it looking classic — and this East Nashville home is a perfect example. The white upper cabinets and backsplash only look more classic playing off the soft blue lower cabinets. And even though that blue is in the realm of pastels, it doesn’t feel dainty or precious — just cool.


Eastland1707 Eastland Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $499,900

This is, to be fair, a lot brighter pink than anything in Rose Quartz land. But it does demonstrate how fitting it is to give historic homes a burst of color that’s bolder than the whites/grays that tend to be more prevalent in newer builds. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but if your heart skips at a Painted Lady, this kind of thing makes an irresistible impact.


Sharpe1031 Sharpe Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $432,650

A more subtle variation on the above point: neutral colors on all the trim and around the porch, set off by a soft rose pink that makes this 1925 home that much prettier. Notice the blue chairs on the porch, too — Pantone knows what’s up.



Primrose Circle2935 Primrose Cir
Nashville, TN 37212
PRICE: $599,900

You can add a little color to your shower tile without blowing your overall-subtle color palette out of the water, so to speak. This Belmont/Hillsboro home is largely neutral when it comes to color, but this bathroom gets added interest with those large, pale blue subway tiles (admittedly a little more green in there than Serenity, but serene, soft and pretty all the same).


So, what’s your take on Pantone’s color(s) of 2016? Are you on board, or do you prefer something more neutral in your home design? Or bolder?

Let us know if any of these homes catch your eye, too — they’re all on the market, and we’d be glad to take you out to see them (or find you some properties that are more in line with your taste).

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