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Pennington Distilling Co. unveils new Davidson Reserve Genesis whiskey at Hardest Harvest


This one’s for the whiskey lovers: Mark down Wednesday, Oct. 17, and plan to head to Nashville distillery Pennington Distilling Co.’s West Nashville space, because they’ll be hosting a free party you won’t want to miss.

This year’s Hardest Harvest party at PDC will be a celebration of their freshly released Davidson Reserve Genesis, which they’re touting as the first bottled-in-bond whiskey to be made in Nashville since Prohibition.

It’s the Nashville distillery’s first barrel-aged and oldest creation to date, and a limited release, with just over a thousand bottles being sold. And the reason they’re hosting the party now: October 17 will mark four years since they locked down the first barrel to take its sweet time.


What’s a ‘Bottled-In-Bond’ whiskey?

Understandable if that particular term wasn’t in your lexicon. Bottled-In-Bond whiskey harks back to the late 1800s, when legislation was passed to protect whiskey consumers from weak, unprincipled beverages.

It outlined a set of standards that have to be met in order to qualify — namely, being made in one distillation season, by one distiller at one distillery, aged for at least four years, clocking in at at least 100 proof, with nothing but water added.

Does that make something like Davidson Reserve Genesis taste better? Lots of whiskey connoisseurs say yes — the strict guidelines lead to a deeper, more concentrated flavor.


More than whiskey at the Hardest Harvest


Not particularly enamored with whiskey? There’s a lot of other stuff on the schedule for Pennington’s Hardest Harvest that’ll probably appeal to you.

Along with opportunities to grab a bottle of Davidson Reserve Genesis, attendees get to grab food from Urban Grub, plus live performances from local and less-local musicians.

Set to take the stage: Nashville-based R&B/soul act Alanna Royale, who’ll kick things off, and Austin’s Band of Heathens, who’ll take it home.

The Hardest Harvest Party runs from 6 to 9 p.m. at Pennington Distilling Co., 900 44th Ave. N., and there are no tickets necessary — just ID that says you’re 21 or older.

For more on Pennington Distilling Co. and/or the Hardest Harvest, visit or the Hardest Harvest Facebook Event page.

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