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Research says being around lush greenery can make you happier and healthier

health and happiness


A few days ago, in The New York Times:

“A growing body of research shows that people who spend time outside in sunny, green and natural spaces tend to be happier and healthier than those who don’t.”

Well then. We’d probably better get to some trees, stat.

As a house hunter, if you head out of the city a bit, it’s easy to find a piece of property that’s abundantly green and natural. But if you’re looking close in to Nashville — especially as our city’s grown, and density’s become more and more needed — owning your steady, personal fix of green can be a little harder. Not impossible, just harder.

We love a good challenge, so we dug into what’s on the market in Nashville now, and found some properties that offer plenty of that research-prescribed Chlorophyll, right outside your door.



4215 Harding Pike4215 Harding Pike Apt 305 , #305
Nashville, TN 37205
PRICE: $395,000

A condo right in Nashville that keeps you surrounded by nature? It can happen. This 3-bed, 3-bath place in Windsor Tower gives you a particularly healthy amount of room in condo terms (more than 1800 square feet), but the property is where you really get the feeling of space: six acres of manicured lawns and mature trees surround the property, creating something of a green urban oasis.


142 Carnavon Pkwy142 Carnavon Pkwy
Nashville, TN 37205
PRICE: $479,999

More than an acre in West Meade Park, with a huge mid-century home (almost 4,000 square feet) and tons of mature trees. The way the home’s design kind of disappears into the trees: particularly great for a homeowner who really wants to live among nature.



1731 Kingsbury Dr1731 Kingsbury Dr
Nashville, TN 37215
PRICE: $485,000

When you’re looking for tree-lined property: of course, Forest Hills. This 1963 home sits on more than two acres, and has lots of cool mid-century design touches (check out the lighting). But once the spring bloom really sets in, that property should be green as green can be, far as the eye can see.



711 Boscobel711 Boscobel St
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $535,000

When you have a piece of property on the smaller side — like the .2 acres at this East Nashville home — you generally can’t hope for much in the way of privacy or lushness. But this 1930 home bucks the trend, with a yard that’s leafy and lovely, ready to inspire happiness and health.



4805 Elkins Avenue4805 Elkins Avenue
Nashville, TN 37209
PRICE: $559,900

Sylvan means “living or located in the woods or forest,” so naturally Sylvan Park delivers on a city home with a fair share of woodsy charm. This 4-bed, 3-bath property feels pleasantly sylvan as soon as you walk up, with a lush front yard, rich with mature trees. It’s also right on top of lots of things to do and places to go, including all the stuff in Melrose and The Nations, right to the north.


308 White Swans Crossing308 White Swans Crossing
Brentwood, TN 37027
PRICE: $5,295,000

When you have a $5 million budget in Middle Tennessee, you can buy your own piece of paradise, inside and out. Solid proof: This Cambridge Downs home on 2-plus emerald-green acres. Inside, it’s light and bright luxury, with more than 10,000 square feet of room to roam. Outside, the manicured landscaping is beyond stunning, yes, but even beyond, where nature hasn’t been touched, it’s an inspiring sight — lush, private and wonderful. Truly, if the view from the pool doesn’t make you exuberantly healthy and happy, that study just has to be wrong.


Any of these homes look like the place you want to hang your hammock/build your treehouse? Let us know if we can show you around, or if you’d like help finding something different!

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