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The Cantrells are sharing the Love with LoveShine

Blake and Ally Cantrell are the owners and artists for a small, local company they’ve named Loveshine Shop. At Loveshine they design, build and create unique art and home decor from salvaged wood. They make anything from original paintings and wall art to wine racks and furniture. It’s more than just a hobby, they have a real passion for turning something old and forgotten into something new and beautiful.

“It might sound odd, but the smell of freshly cut wood gets me excited. The more beat up and broken the wood is, the more beauty I see in it. I get excited about what that piece of wood can become,” Ally said.

Loveshine is excited to be sharing their work this weekend- March 27, 28 & 29-  at the Nashville flea market and hope to be at many other events and fairs throughout the year. Stop by and see their amazing creations at Shed 5.

When they’re not building their small business; Blake, one of those rare bread native Nashvillians, works for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department. Ally, originally from a small town in upstate NY, came here to pursue her music dreams but has found so much more. She still writes music, but Loveshine has become her other passion.

When not playing and painting in piles of wood, Blake and Ally love entertaining and cooking for all of their friends and family. They love live music and trying new restaurants. Yet some of their favorites are classic places like Brown’s diner and Fido in Hillsboro Village. They’re suckers for fresh mexican fare.

For more information on Loveshine, visit them on Etsy at: Loveshine Shop  or on FacebookLoveShine Shop

Nashville Flea Market hours this week:  Friday March 27  8am – 5pm           Saturday March 28  7am – 6pm            Sunday March 29    7 am – 4 pm


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