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The Christmas tree trends of 2018


Chances are you’ve already got your Christmas decor sorted at your Nashville home — tree trimmed, stockings hung by the chimney with care, etc.

But for the latecomers, and especially those of you who like to try something a little fresh and different when it comes to home decor, we thought we’d share some of left-of-standard Christmas tree trends that are popping up this year.

If traditional Christmas decorating is more your thing, these’ll likely leave you a little humbuggy. But if your Nashville home tends to be a hub of design experimentation, a little bit of yuletide creativity:


Black Christmas trees

According to Fox, home goods retailer Wayfair has seen a 70 percent increase this year in searches for black Christmas trees, which makes the deep, dark tannenbaum “the hottest holiday trend this season.” Maybe this Christmas, black is the new black. (Pictured here: available at Wayfair.)



Ombre Christmas trees

It’s still holding on trend-wise with hair, so why not a color-shifting ombre for your center of holiday cheer? There are lots of ombre Christmas tree options to be found, from black and white to red and pink to subtly shifting greens. We really like the cool contrast of black, white and gray though — easy fit for a lot of more modern Nashville homes. (Pictured here: available at Target.)



Rainbow Christmas trees

House Beautiful heard a rainbow palette would be among the biggest tree trends in the U.K. this year, and there are a few different ways to work it: buying a rainbow-colored tree, like this one from Amazon, or working with ornaments, like House Beautiful suggests. The former definitely packs the biggest rainbow punch, but bonus for the latter: It’ll work for Nashville homeowners/renters who prefer a real tree.



Bright red Christmas trees

The response to this year’s bold White House Christmas tree display has been mixed, but if you fall on the love-it side, you can find ruby-red trees of your own anywhere from Hayneedle to Walmart, like this tinsel and aluminum one, pre-lit and ready to go, available at Hayneedle.



Half Christmas trees

This was all over the internet/media this week — the TODAY show, Mashable, so many others — for good reason: It’s a hilarious idea, and it’s partly cat-related, which people of the Internet seem to kinda always love. Have curious kittens (or toddlers) who won’t stop swatting your ornaments? Easy: Put up a tree whose branches don’t start for a good four feet or so. Since the U.K. company that’s pushed all the half-tree attention doesn’t ship out here, easy DIY: Just don’t put the bottom half of your artificial tree’s branches on, and wrap the naked post with some tinsel?


What’s your leaning: Do you like your holiday decor to stick to tradition, or do you like to try new twists?


If you’re all set on Christmas tidings, but you’re getting ready to gift yourself with a new Nashville home, we’d love to help you find the perfect place. Take a look at some Nashville homes for sale here, and reach ACRE here.

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