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The many styles of homes found in the Nashville area

One of the best things about being a realtor — or a homeowner — in the Nashville area is the wealth of architectural options here. In just one neighborhood, you might see a Craftsman home next to a cozy one-level ranch, three blocks over from a luxurious Victorian.

If you love residential architecture, just driving around Nashville is a feast of eye candy.

To offer a little more insight into the type of home you can see — and buy — in and near Nashville, we listed out a few of the more common styles, and some examples that are on the market now.


3508 Hilldale Dr
Cape Cod

3508 Hilldale Dr.
Nashville, TN 37215
PRICE: $1,596,000

A big, central chimney would make this Woodmont home more quintessentially Cape Cod, but it boasts a lot of other touchstones — symmetry, dormers, shingle siding and overall unencumbered design. The classic simplicity carries through to the interior, too, with tasteful choices from tile design to wainscoting.



1408 Lillian St


1408 Lillian St
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $609,000

If you love a big, welcoming porch, charming woodwork, gabled rooflines and interior built-ins, Craftsman homes are all you. This example, in East Nashville, is a Craftsman replica that takes the design touchstones and brings them into new construction. The curb appeal here: perfect Craftsman charm.



1001 Buena Vista Dr


1001 Buena Vista Dr. – Lot 101
Franklin, TN 37069
PRICE: $1,485,000

Farmhouse is a bit of a wiggly descriptor, since it could mean a lot of things, but there are a few folk-y elements we’ve come to take as representations. Namely, big covered porches, linear window placement and overall simplicity — often stark white color, too, like you see in this charming example out in Franklin,which brings a little luxury to farmhouse simplicity.



1025 Villa Pl


1025 Villa Pl
Nashville, TN 37212
PRICE: $839,900

That center dormer and boxy shape are the biggest tells of a Foursquare home, popular in the late 1800s and the early part of the 1900s. This one’s in the Edgehill area, was built in 1920 and still has a bunch of trademark historic details (heart pine floors, pocket doors, cool transom windows).



45 Governors Way


45 Governors Way
Brentwood, TN 37027
PRICE: $3,750,000

We’re a long way from the Mediterranean, but plenty of builders have brought Italian and Spanish vibes here — there’s a beloved corner of East Nashville called Little Hollywood that’s stocked with beautiful Mediterranean-style homes, with trademark stucco exteriors and tile roofs. This opulent example is in Brentwood, and has nearly 10,000 square feet of home, fit for European nobility.



1414 A Boscobel St


1414 A Boscobel St
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $419,900

Sleek, geometric lines, industrial materials and bold use of windows as part of the design aesthetic: all stuff you’ll generally see in modern homes, like this one in East Nashville. With the growth in new construction on the Eastside, we’re seeing more and more examples of modern residential architecture.



4801 Briarwood Dr


4801 Briarwood Dr
Nashville, TN 37211
PRICE: $299,900

A style that’s distinctly American and particularly popular in the mid-century, ranchers are homey, low-slung and non-showy. You’ll see this all over Nashville, but particularly prominently in Inglewood and, like this one here, in Crieve Hall. You catch a few original touches in this home, like bright bathroom tile and wood paneling.



1127 Delmas Ave

Tudor Revival

1127 Delmas Ave
Nashville, TN 37216
PRICE: $449,900

Steep, pitched roofs, prominent chimneys and asymmetry mark Tudor Revival homes, and all around Nashville, you’ll see both historic examples and new construction that takes influence. This 1933 home in East Nashville is a picture-perfect example, down to the decorative arched doorway.



122 S 12th St


122 S 12th St.
Nashville, TN 37206
PRICE: $1,250,000

Majestic turrets, beautiful bay windows, decorative woodwork — Victorian homes are all about details, and all about drawing the eyes wide at just about every turn. If you’re a sucker for ornate Victorian details, this 1899 home in East Nashville has it all.


Which of these styles calls to you the most? Or are you more passionate about something different? If we can help you find the home you’re envisioning, give us a call and let us know!

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