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Two new East Nashville homes with hard-to-find perks

2699B Hody Drive in East Nashville
East Nashville house hunters, we’re proud to introduce two spectacular new properties in the neighborhood: 2699A Hody Drive and 2699B Hody Drive in the charming and hilly Fortland Park area.

These homes have everything you’d expect from a new, high-end property: a breezy, open layout, stone countertops, stainless appliances, warm wood floors, stylish upscale fixtures and more. And the location’s hard to beat, tucked just beyond Shelby Park in a quiet, tree-lined part of the neighborhood, but just a quick jump from East Nashville restaurants, shops and nightlife. You’re a little over a mile from the Walden development and Shops at Porter East, with coffee shops Ugly Mugs and Portland Brew, restaurants like Pomodoro East, Two Ten Jack and the Wild Cow, and shops from Pony Show Outlaw Vintage to kids’ spot Rich Hippies. Bonus if you have a sweet tooth, too: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is already there, and a Five Daughters Bakery is coming soon.


Jenis East Nashville


Beyond all that, though, these properties have some unique features that you don’t come across regularly in this busy neighborhood — we’ve had lots of buyers hunting for some of these perks, so we’re all too aware of the rarity, and all too excited to show these homes off.

Just a few of the features that make 2699A and 2699B Hody Drive special:


2699 Hody Drive

Enough interior space for a large (and/or growing) family

We see a lot of new construction homes in East Nashville at around 2000 square feet, which meets a lot of buyers’ needs. But if you have a few kids (and maybe plans for more), or live-in family, regular guests… that might get a little tight. These homes have 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and just shy of 3,300 square feet of interior space — room to breathe, and room to grow.


A good-sized yard

New construction in most Nashville neighborhoods is, necessarily, moving toward density — it’s predicted that we’ll get another million people in and around Nashville by 2035 (double the rate of growth of the rest of the country). So finding a new home with a healthy amount of green space is becoming more challenging. Each of these Hody Drive homes sits on just under a quarter acre of property, leaving space for kids and dogs to run, gardening or whatever other outdoor desires you have.


A 3-car garage

Finding a 1-car garage in East Nashville can be a challenge; a 2-car garage is an extra-special find. A 3-car garage, right in the thick of 37206, in a new home? Just about a unicorn. Whether you need room for parking, dirty storage or some extra workspace, these Hody Drive homes have it covered.


Hody Drive basement

A huge basement that offers expansion potential

Basement spaces aren’t super plentiful in East Nashville, whether we’re talking older or newer homes, and usable, dry basement space is even harder to find. The unfinished basement spaces in these Hody Drive homes are impressively large, at 700 square feet, and they’re already plumbed and wired and ready for whatever your needs/visions might be — home studio, workshop, media room, maybe finish the whole space and use it as an Airbnb rental? The possibilities are broad, and many.


Shelby Bottoms greenway

Location that’s just steps to a Shelby Bottoms greenway entrance

Aside of the creative energy, tight-knit community vibe and busy landscape of independent restaurants and shops, one of the best parts of living in East Nashville: Shelby Park and its accompanying greenway. The park itself has playgrounds, ball fields, a golf course, a lake that you can fish in, a community center with lots of activities to take part in, and on and on. Adjacent to the park is the 960-acre Shelby Bottoms Greenway and Natural area, with immense natural beauty and trails for walking, running, biking and just admiring. The Shelby Bottoms Nature Center hosts events and activities throughout the year, from hikes to wild berry picking outings to homebrewing classes. These properties are right on top of a greenway entrance, and barely a blink from the park. It’d be hard to find a better location to encourage taking advantage of these East Nashville treasures.


Intrigued? Check out some more info on each of the properties at the links below:

2699A Hody Drive

2699B Hody Drive

Sound like these might fit your family’s needs? We’d love to show you around! Just give us a call or drop us an email!

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