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Vogue praises East Nashville, ‘Nashville’s Coolest Neighborhood’



Earlier this week, vaunted fashion and culture publication Vogue dropped a lengthy love letter on East Nashville, “Nashville’s Coolest Neighborhood,” by their count.

We’re not inclined to argue with the magazine’s appreciation of the East Side, “an emerging, diverse neighborhood where the tables are full of locals instead of other travelers.” With tons of independent shops, restaurants, music venues, salons and more, plus one of our city’s best parks in Shelby Park, the neighborhood is a place we’re more than happy to spend a serious amount of time in.

As it happens, we have five spectacular listings in East Nashville on the market right now:

All of these properties put you within a quick jump of the places Vogue praises, like music/vintage stop Fond Object Records (just down the way from McAlpine, and up the way from Porter).

Vogue is just the latest in a long long of national publications drawn in by East Nashville’s ample charms, too. If you’re new to the area and haven’t gotten wind of the love affair, here’s a quick catch-up with a few of our favorites:


Photo: Lindsey Boise, Flickr
Photo: Lindsey Boise, Flickr

Southern Living, 2010

They said: East Nashville is one of “The South’s Best Comeback Neighborhoods, and ”after 10-plus years of a slow and steady rise, the neighborhood has managed to keep its eclectic, artsy vibe while welcoming a diverse mix of newcomers.”


The Guardian, March 18, 2014 

They said: East Nashville is “brimming with diners and cafes, fun stores and bars, plus a great park and a running club offering a warm welcome.”


NPR, July 29, 2014

They said: “East Nashville now is at the peak of the classic creative-class arc: A new generation of music- and other makers has built a lifestyle vibrant enough to be irresistible to outsiders, including wealthy locals and newcomers from other cities.”


Thrillist, Feb. 20, 2015 

They said: One of the “12 Coolest Neighborhoods in America,” “this vibrant area across the Cumberland River – which contains sub-hoods like Five Points, Lockeland Springs, Greenwood and Inglewood – oozes cool through its bars, restaurants, and music venues.”


Rolling Stone, Dec. 22, 2015 

They said: “There is an undeniable mystique about the place and the people associated with East Nashville.”


Redfin, Jan. 28, 2016 

They said: East Nashville’s Eastwood is second on a list of “the Hottest Neighborhoods of 2016,” including “pockets that are still affordable, but also offer the stores, coffee shops and short rides to downtown that make communities livable.”


Stereogum, June 16, 2016 

They said: “In the span of a few years, East Nashville has proven itself to be one of the new capitals of rock music in America.”


Any positive pieces on East Nashville you’d like to add? We’d love to see more.


If you’re among the folks who love East Nashville, and you’re looking for a new home here, we’d love to help you find it. Reach out, and tell us about your wish list!

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