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Was Donald Glover’s Golden Globes suit another sign that 2017 is the year of velvet?



As with the day after most awards shows, Monday, a ton of people were talking about what went down at Sunday night’s Golden Globes, from the wins to the losses to the acceptance speeches, and, of course, the fashion.

We’ve been out and about looking at Nashville homes, talking paint colors and finishes and furnishings with our clients, so style’s one of the parts that’s still resonating with us. And probably the most talked-about style decision at last night’s Globes: Atlanta actor Donald Glover’s bold, brown velvet suit.

“It was a bold move, and a definite risk,” Esquire said of the tailor-made Gucci threads. “But you know what? It paid off. In a big way.”

When we were looking around at 2017 home style predictions, one of the things we kept finding was a renewed love of soft texture, velvet included. So maybe Donald Glover’s bold (and successful) fashion choice was just the mark of a man at the top of his style game, or maybe it was emblematic of a 2017 style trend solidifying. Maybe 2017 is set to be the year of velvet, on bodies and in homes?

If we’re assuming the latter, let’s find a little home style inspiration that showcases the warmth and elegance velvet can bring to a space — if it’s used right. As Esquire said of Glover’s Globes garb, “It all comes down to fit and details. With something this striking, a single element out of place is enough to drag it all down to try-hard territory.”

Velvet elements for your in-style 2017 home



Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Sofa, Wilcox

Anthropologie’s reputation for being budget-unfriendly isn’t undeserved, but even if you find some of their prices off-putting, you have to admit, they consistently stay at the forefront of style. And when they work with trends, they tend to have a steady hand, too, knowing just what to play up and play down. Case in point: this cozy velvet Chesterfield sofa. It works because the shape complements the material — a couch of the big-fluffy variety would feel like a messy marshmallow; something more modern would feel incongruous. But this button-tufted, rolled-arms, nailhead-trim sofa, styled to nod toward 18th-century design, lets the velvet feel elegant and, oddly enough, of-the-moment.



Margaret Modern and Contemporary Gray Velvet Button-tufted King Platform Bed

Another 2017 home-style trend prediction we saw a lot of: soft, upholstered beds. Velvet is kind of a natural choice here, if we’re going for softness, but unlike the couch, we’d lean more minimal/modern in shape, like this Margaret bed from Houzz, above. Something more ornate and showy, like canopy and sleigh beds, can quickly feel dowdy and crowding with a fabric as forward as velvet. These simple lines let the velvet texture be gentle and unassuming. Precisely fitted, even.




Windsford Bench, Dusty Rose Velvet
Pottery Barn 

Like the idea of soft velvet in your bedroom, but don’t feel like going as big as a full tufted-velvet bed? A delicate bench at the foot brings in some of that soft texture without taking up so much real estate. This one from Pottery Barn has elegant detail without feeling showy or stuffy, and the dusty pink is right on top of the 2017 home trends, too (romantic colors are at the bedroom-design forefront, designers are saying).




Brushstrokes Velvet Cushion W/Feather Insert and Watercolor Velvet Cushion W/ Feather Insert 

Personal preference: plain-old solid-colored velvet pillows can feel dowdy, no matter how cool the color. So if pillows are where you’re thinking about adding some smooth velvet texture, it’s worth investing in something a little more unique, that brings an artful flair along with it. Like, say, these cushions we found on They can be a little pricey, but the one on the right was on sale when this post went up.




Blocks Printed Velvet Curtain + Blackout Lining – Iron
West Elm

Velvet curtains? Yes, velvet curtains. Again, there’s a fine line — a deep solid color can veer into 1950s-smoking-lounge territory, so if that’s not what you’re going for, a cool pattern can make the texture work, and work well, with a modern decor that could use a little softening. Perfect example: these printed curtains from West Elm, also on sale as of this posting.




Black Paige Counter Stool
World Market

One of our favorite go-to places for cost-conscious furnishings is World Market; they always seem to have a good mix of classic pieces and forward-looking furnishings that let you outfit a new home without breaking the bank, and without leaving things looking like a dorm room. Case in point: These velvet-cushioned, French country-style counter stools mimic the look of really expensive pieces at upscale shops, but come home at a fraction. And the black velvet here feels classic and classy.


So what’s your feeling — do you think velvet’s going to be here in a big way in 2017, or was Donald Glover’s choice just a fun one-off that got a quick burst of attention? Always happy to hear style/home design thoughts.

We’re also always happy to help Nashville househunters find the perfect place to express their style preferences. If you’re about to start looking, reach out and tell us about your vision — we’d love to help you find your new home.

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