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Would you wear the same thing every day?

In the last 2 weeks I’ve read several articles about people choosing to wear the same thing every day.

I have a very dear friend who has chosen to dress this way outside of work also.

This minimalist style is spreading out to all personalities.

Young professionals who work in creative departments as well as some high profile personalities.

They are highly skilled at picking out creative yet professional attire- yet they are choosing not to.

Embracing the philosophy of a work uniform by creating their own.

One of my favorite lines I’ve read was “this is not a new concept. There is a group of people who have embraced dressing this way for years- they call it a suit.”

So why are more and more people becoming minimalist with their wardrobe?

Here are a few reasons I found appealing:

1. Fewer decisions. For people who make significant decisions all day long, the removal of even one, leaves them with more mental space and better productivity.

2. Less time wasted. Getting ready in the morning becomes easier, quicker, and more efficient.

3. Less stress. Is this too formal? Is this too casual?  It that too out there for our office?

4. Less wasted energy. Isn’t it a waste of energy choosing what to wear every day?

5. Feeling put together. When you get rid of the overwhelming selection and pare down to a few choices, but each choice fits well and looks appropriate – you can step out feeling confident you look good.

6. Less expense

7. All of this equals more peace- less daily battles

I’m really becoming convinced.


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